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Digital Posters

Most organizations struggle to communicate with their audience. At Rise Vision we provide digital signage that keeps everyone in the know.

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Digital Posters
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Digital posters are a great way to spruce up any school, venue or facility without having to deal with the downsides of printing and paper. Besides, we’re full swing into the 21st century and everything has gone digital. Time to ditch the papyrus and go with the ones and zeros!

Traditional Paper Posters Vs. Digital Signage Templates

The wonderful thing about using Rise Vision software to power and display your digital posters is that you can display both posters and digital signage. Rise Vision is a digital signage and digital poster content management system. You’re able to store digital images, pre-made signage and automate how they’re displayed.

Posters allow you to push the creativity and emotional effect of your messaging beyond what a digital template can do. There are essentially no boundaries when you create a digital poster. Our digital signage content management system amplifies creative work by giving artwork the technology to broadcast it to any Rise Vision connected display in the world. Simply create artwork using any medium of your choice, digitize it and upload it to your Rise Vision account.

Rise Vision Takes Your Posters Digital

Whether you’re designing for print or are already working from a digital file, whatever the output of your poster, you can have it displayed with Rise Vision digital signage software. Our digital signage content management system makes it easy to catalog a large inventory of digital posters, displays them on a schedule and replace or update them in seconds.

Below are some digital poster templates that you can use to get started with today.

Vertical Orientation Poster Template

This is our most adaptable digital signage option for traditional poster dimensions. Simply display any poster image file or digital photograph of a poster using this template. You can also time the template to rotate through multiple posters on a schedule. This is a great
option for venues and theatres.

Horizontal Orientation Poster Template

This template is essentially the same as the first template but allows for posters that have been designed in landscape style dimensions.

Featured Artwork Template

This template provides an easy solution for anyone that wants to display artwork in a virtual frame. Just add an image and adjust the placeholder to the same size to fit the beveled edges to the artwork. Personalize the plaque and signature with the artist’s name and other information.

Browse Our Library Of Templates

The great part about signing up with Rise Vision is that you get access to our library of digital signage templates. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates to fit any season, event or purpose.

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Why go Digital?

It’s true - traditional printed posters are a beautiful art form. However, in many environments, they aren’t practical for the required application. Let’s get into some of the benefits of using digital posters below.

Printing Gets Expensive

Printing Gets Expensive

Printing and screening costs can add up over time. Especially for small runs and one-off jobs. Digital posters eliminate those nagging recurring costs.

Digital Posters Change Easily

Swap Out Posters With Ease

Before digital, if you wanted to replace a poster someone had to physically walk to the poster display case, get out their tools, open the case, remove the poster and carefully install the next poster.

With a digital poster content management system, you no longer have to worry about tearing posters, workplace injuries, or having on-site personnel available to do a physical poster replacement.

Rotate Posters On a Schedule

Rotate Posters On A Schedule

Why display just one poster in one location? Going digital allows you to rotate posters set on a pre-programmed schedule. This is a great solution for theaters, venues, and spaces that display advertisements to passersby.

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“It’s been a lot easier to share news and promotions with our customers while still keeping them entertained. We also just added a display in our back office and have had great feedback from the team!”

— Mary Fowler, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Display Posters to Multiple Displays

Display Posters To Multiple Displays

The great thing about a digital signage content management system like Rise Vision is that you can display digital posters and other digital content to multiple displays at once. This is convenient if you have set up digital displays in various locations within a building, venue or campus. As long as your facility is wired for the Internet or broadcasts WiFi, you’re able to connect and manage all displays using Rise Vision.

Control Your Digital Posters From Any Computer in The World

Control Your Digital Posters From Any Computer In The World

Once your digital poster displays are installed, you can manage your poster content from any computer on earth so long as it’s connected to the Internet. On a business trip away from your facility? No sweat. Just login to your account and publish your new changes.

Get Access to All Digital Signage Features

Get Access To All Digital Signage Features

Once you’re set up with a Rise Vision account there are endless things you can do with our digital signage software:

  • Promote upcoming events
  • Promote your social media account and gain followers
  • Display emergency notifications
  • Display artwork
  • Display video or a live video feed
  • Display calendars
  • Display welcome messages and visitor instructions
  • Broadcast to multiple displays at various locations
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Why Rise Vision?

Digital signage doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy or your money back.

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What do you need to get started with Rise Vision?

Step 1

Pick a template

To get started with Rise Vision digital signage software,  you’ll need to first pick a template from our website or from this page and then sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account.

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Step 2

Activate your display

After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

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Step 3

Keep it interesting

Remember to continue communicating better by subscribing to our free weekly template recommendations and be sure to attend one of our free weekly training sessions. Also, we’re standing by if there’s any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

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“The ease of use is incredible. … This is the most intuitive display signage option I have found. it has added a whole new dimension to our department's outreach to the general public. … The cost in subscription, and time investment is incredibly low for the kind of impact and return it has provided us.”

— Hershel Hartford, University of Arkansas
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