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    10 Free Anti-Bullying Posters For Schools

    10 Free Anti-Bullying Posters For Schools

    Bullying is a common problem in many K12 schools. Studies show that 20% of students report being bullied and over 40% of those believe that bullying would happen again.

    We also know that school-based anti-bullying programs decrease incidents of bullying by 20% - 23%. This is good news because it means that programs and initiatives designed to stop bullying can make a difference. We love schools and we are here to help!

    Our creative team put together a kit of 20 anti-bullying posters you can download to use in your school. The kit contains 10 unique designs in two layouts - landscape and portrait. These PDF and JPEG posters are great for printing, including in newsletters, social media, your website, and digital signage! From cyberbullying to anti-bullying tips, these cool designs and kid-friendly messages will get - and keep - students’ attention. Scroll down to get ideas for how you can use these stop bullying posters in your school.

    Download the entire collection of FREE Anti Bullying posters!

    - 10 landscape-oriented posters

    - 10 portrait-oriented posters

    - available in high-resolution PDF and JPEG formats

    Download Free Anti-Bullying Posters

    Anti bullying poster promoting being nice online

    Anti Bullying - Be Nice When You’re Online Poster

    Cyberbullying is a major challenge when it comes to addressing bullying in schools. With students spending more and more time on social media platforms it’s easier than ever for them to encounter harassment, threats, or worse. The simple message of this poster reminds students to be on their best behavior when they’re online.

    Download the Be Nice When You're Online Poster.
    Anti bullying poster that says donut be another bully

    Anti Bullying - Donut Be Another Bully Poster

    This poster uses humor to get kids to pay attention to its message. Keeping it fun - and just a bit silly - is a great way to engage children and make this important point memorable. Everyone loves donuts. Bullies - not so much.

    Download the Donut Be Another Bully Poster.

    anti bullying poster kind people are my kind of people.

    Anti Bullying - Kind People Are My Kind Of People Poster

    Experts recommend using positive messages when working to stop bullying in schools. Children respond well to positive reinforcement and any set of anti-bullying posters should include uplifting images and text.

    Download the Kind People Are My Kind Of People Poster.

    Download the entire collection of FREE Anti Bullying posters!

    - 10 landscape-oriented posters

    - 10 portrait-oriented posters

    - available in high-resolution PDF and JPEG formats

    Download Free Anti-Bullying Posters

    anti bullying poster it isn't big to make others feel small

    Anti Bullying - Don’t Make Others Feel Small Poster

    The message of this poster is an important one in anti-bullying programs. Bullies tend to pick on those they deem to be an “easy target”. This poster is a great way for teachers to open this conversation with their students.

    Download the It Isn't Big To Make Others Feel Small Poster.

    anti bullying poster don't be mean behind the screen

    Anti Bullying - Don’t Be Mean Behind The Screen Cyberbullying Poster

    This printable poster design is great for doors, windows, hallways, and vertical displays. It also works well for social media platforms like Instagram Stories. Studies have shown that up to 59% of US students report experiencing some form of cyberbullying. For any campaign or program that aims to stop bullying, the messages need to appear where the kids are most likely to see them.

    Download the Don't Be Mean Behind The Screen Poster.

    October is anti bullying month poster

    Anti Bullying - October Is Anti Bullying Month Poster

    If you are in the U.S., keep this poster displayed throughout the month of October when anti-bullying is a key focus. Bullying awareness posters like this one can be used to start the conversation around how to keep kids safe and also what to do in case they witness or experience acts of bullying.

    Download the October Is Anti Bullying Month Poster.

    anti bullying poster stop bullying day October

    Anti Bullying - October 14 Is Stop Bullying Day Poster

    In the U.S., October 14th is designated as Stop Bullying Day to bring attention to the seriousness of this problem in schools. This poster can be reused each year on your school’s website, social media channels, and also in school newsletters or messages to parents. Parents play a key role in addressing this ongoing issue and building their awareness is vital to bullying prevention.

    Download the October 14 is Stop Bullying Day Poster.

    anti bullying poster say no to cyberbullying

    Anti Bullying - Say No To Cyberbullying Poster

    This message applies to even the youngest school-aged children. This year, many schools have adopted online learning models due to the global pandemic, kids of all ages have had to increasingly use digital communication tools to stay connected with their teachers and to keep up with their education. Use this poster to remind kids to speak up against bullying behavior.

    Download the Say No To Cyberbullying Poster.

    Download the entire collection of FREE Anti Bullying posters!

    - 10 landscape-oriented posters

    - 10 portrait-oriented posters

    - available in high-resolution PDF and JPEG formats

    Download Free Anti-Bullying Posters

    anti bullying stop bullying poster

    Anti Bullying - Stop Bullying Poster

    Send a strong, clear, empowering message to your students to take action against bullying. Anti-bullying signs like this one can be effective in reminding kids that they can do something about bullying - whether that means reporting it to an adult, or bravely stepping up if they witness someone being bullied.

    Download the Stop Bullying Poster.

    anti bullying poster think before you speak

    Anti Bullying - T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak Poster

    This poster provides a clever and helpful way for students to assess their words - whether online or in person. The T.H.I.N.K. framework asks kids to take a moment before speaking and determine whether what they want to say is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, or Kind. These types of actionable reminders are especially helpful in bullying prevention. Parents or teachers can use this T.H.I.N.K. model when talking to kids about their digital citizenship and appropriate behaviors in any social context.

    Download the T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak Poster.

    Bullying is a very serious, ongoing problem that schools face. Cyberbullying adds another dimension of complexity to addressing this issue as students’ use of online media increases. What we do know is that schools implementing some form of an anti-bullying program can see a decrease in the incidents of bullying by as much as 25%. The evidence shows that when kids know what to do, and are reminded and empowered to do it, positive change happens. We hope these posters will help to support your efforts to keep kids safe at school and online.

    Download the full kit of 10 landscape-oriented and 10 portrait-oriented printable stop bullying posters here.

    Anti Bullying Resources for Schools

    Bullying prevention is key and involves everyone - teachers, parents, and students. If you need additional resources on how to deal with bullying in your school, the links below provide some useful guidance.

    U.S. Anti Bullying Organizations

    Canadian Anti Bullying Organizations


    Let us know if you have any suggestions for new posters. We would love to hear how you use these posters.

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