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    Digital Signage At Saddleback Church

    Digital Signage at Saddleback Church

    In just over 30 years, Saddleback Church has gone from being a small group of people meeting at the theater of a high school to the fifth largest church in the United States. Each week, over 20,000 people walk through the doors of Saddleback Church. Led by bestselling author, Rick Warren, it has over a dozen regional satellite campuses and four international campuses.

    Church Technology Set Up

    How does a church the size of Saddleback keep their message consistent across each campus to make sure no matter what campus you are at it has the same look and feel as every other church? For Saddleback’s Anaheim campus, digital signage is one way they visually communicate the message to each person who walks into the church. Saddleback Anaheim’s Technical Director, Kyle Harbour, makes sure that happens.

    Saddleback Church Technology and Hardware

    Using Rise Vision’s content management software for digital signage, Harbour can streamline the process of updating displays, so each week they’re promoting the most current events and service opportunities.

    digital signage control stationThe church’s lobby has several displays that help new and regular congregants stay up-to-date and feel welcome. The first display most newcomers will probably notice is a portrait hung directional display. This tells visitors right where they need to go from the sanctuary and church office to the kids center and cafe; it helps new visitors feel at ease, so they don’t have to stand around confused trying to figure out where they need to go.

    Digital Signage Wall Church Directory

    While the service is going in the main sanctuary, a display in the lobby will broadcast it live in the lobby.

    digital signage at saddleback church

    Just to the side of the cafe, a portrait display that is connected to the church’s campus in Lake Forest updates with upcoming events and activities.

    Church Digital Signage Activities Calendar

    After the service (and for some before), the Connection Center is one of the most popular spots. In this area, people sign up for small group Bible Studies, find out about volunteer opportunities, buy books, and much more. Three displays hang over this area; the two on the side don’t change; the one in the middle regularly changes with the dates of upcoming events. Presentations can be put on a schedule so right content displays at the right time on the right display. 

    connection center digital signage wall

    Saddleback is just one of the hundreds of churches that use Rise Vision for their digital signage. See even more ways you can use digital signage at your church here.

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