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    Connecting Beyond the Classroom: Rise Vision at Davis Public Schools

    Connecting Beyond the Classroom: Rise Vision at Davis Public Schools

    Davis Public Schools, home of the wolves in Davis, Oklahoma, faced a unique challenge: how to keep a student connected to her community despite facing a battle with cancer. Ava, a determined and resilient student at Davis High School, and Bobby Alexander, the IT Director and Media Class Teacher, joined forces to tackle this challenge using Rise Vision's innovative digital signage platform.
    Ava, a student at Davis School diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma, and Bobby, the District Technology Director, played pivotal roles in implementing Rise Vision digital signage to improve communication, student engagement, and create a positive school culture.

    How Did Davis Public Schools Come About Using Rise Vision

    Davis School_Common area

    Rise Vision digital signage was brought into Davis School by Bobby Alexander prior to Ava’s diagnosis. Like countless schools across the country, Davis Public Schools were struggling to find a digital signage solution that met their needs. 

    Bobby and his team had tried various options including Google Slides and the now unsupported, Chrome Sign Builder. Working with these platforms was difficult and didn’t meet their needs to communicate and engage with their student body. 

    On the road to finding a solution, Bobby explored another digital signage platform but found it was laggy, difficult to use, and not user friendly. 

    At an education conference, Rise Vision was able to connect with Bobby and he said, “...we ended up jumping in headfirst [with Rise Vision].”

    After implementing Rise Vision across the campus, Bobby started teaching a media class. One of their focuses was managing the digital signage software and creating content for the platform.

    More Than Communication, Digital Signage is a Way to Connect

    Davis School_AvaMeet Ava, the student who used Rise Vision to stay connected to her school community.

    When faced with the adversity of a severe illness, Ava was unable to stay enrolled in her physically demanding elective classes. However, she still wanted to participate in school. Ava found her path to staying involved with the school by joining the media class under Bobby's guidance.

    “But honestly, just being home was the worst, like feeling isolated and like missing out. That was definitely the hardest part.”

    Bobby introduced Rise Vision to Ava as a creative solution to manage the school's digital displays and engage the students. With the fully remote management capabilities, Ava was able to manage the district’s Rise Vision digital signage software from her laptop in her room. 

    “And so it just worked out so well. … between [Ava] and our move into Rise Vision… she became a pro at it. Like in a matter of no time,” remarked Bobby regarding having Ava manage their digital signage remotely. 

    Connecting Through Content

    Davis School_Students working on Thanksgiving presentation

    From her room, Ava was able to source content for the digital signs at the elementary, junior high and high schools by connecting with various people within the schools. 

    For athletic content, she connected with the coaches and principals to get dates and times for events. For photos of the day to day activities, the yearbook director would email photos from events. She also grabbed content from social media and reused that content for their displays. 

    The most popular content in the elementary school was birthday shoutouts. In the high school, she would post content around different student achievements like if someone went to powerlifting regionals or Gulf State. Students love seeing themselves on the TV.

    How Rise Vision Solved the Problem

    Ava's journey with Rise Vision is unique because she not only managed the digital signage from the comfort of her bed, but also became an inspiration for her peers. Despite her health challenges, Ava used Rise Vision creatively, showcasing the resilience of a young student.

    Davis School_Word of the dayA popular template is the Word of the Day.

    Increased Student Engagement

    Ava, despite being physically away from school due to her illness, actively managed the digital signage using Rise Vision. She creatively incorporated templates, event schedules, and countdowns, captivating the student body and enhancing engagement within the school community.

    Digital signage also allowed her to flex her creative muscles. Utilizing the Canva integration, Ava was able to make her own designs come to life in Canva and then publish them to the displays using Rise Vision.

    Fostering a Positive School Community

    Ava's involvement in managing the digital displays not only displayed school information but also celebrated student achievements. By showcasing athletic accomplishments and birthdays, Ava instilled a sense of pride and community spirit, strengthening the school's culture.

    How Can Other School’s Foster a Positive School Culture

    Davis School_studentThe student-role is perfect for including student's in their school's digital signage.

    Ava's inspiring journey, powered by Rise Vision, exemplifies how technology can bridge gaps and foster connectivity, especially in challenging times. Rise Vision's easy-to-use interface empowered Ava to be an active participant in school affairs, showcasing the platform's potential to enhance student engagement and nurture a positive school community.

    The Davis School case study showcases the transformative impact of Rise Vision's digital signage solution. Ava's story demonstrates the potential of technology to transcend physical barriers, keeping students engaged and connected even when facing health challenges. 

    As demonstrated by Davis Public Schools, Rise Vision can play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and engagement within the school community.

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