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A School's Guide To Communicating Better Using Digital Signage

Communicate Better In Your School With Rise Vision

Most schools struggle to easily communicate with students, staff, parents and administrators. We have helped thousands of schools just like you solve this problem. We’ll step you through how to communicate better and get the maximum return on your display investment by showing you how to:

  • Use Templates from our library to show amazing, eye catching content on your Displays.
  • Use the Brand Settings to maintain a consistent look across all your Templates automatically.
  • Consider the locations that present the best viewing opportunities in your school.
  • Get your Displays up and running in those locations.
  • Delegate the task of updating your Displays to keep them relevant and interesting.
  • Receive new Template suggestions each week.
  • Get training for yourself and others.
  • Manage all your schools from one District Account.

Step 1 - Pick A Template

Step 1: Pick a Template

Communicating with students, staff, parents and administrators is hard. Everything competes for their attention and cutting through that noise is difficult. To get their focus you need amazing, eye catching content on your Displays that everyone notices.

From our work with thousands of schools we have found that most do not have the resources they need to create content that “wows”. And understandably so, schools are not in the business of digital design - but we are! We have an entire team of graphic designers and web developers who focus on creating amazing content for schools. 

Our library has hundreds of school Templates that you can pick from, and they can easily be branded with your logo and colors to make them your own. And the best part, we add more every week!

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Browse and pick a template.

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Use branding to maintain a consistent look across all your Templates automatically.

Step 2 - Plug In Your Display

Step 2: Plug In Your Display

Location, location, location! Where to put your Displays to showcase all you have done and reach students, staff, parents and administrators is critical to get their focus. From our work with thousands of schools we’ve found the following locations present some of the best viewing opportunities.


Perhaps the best location to reach as many people as possible - welcome them as they come into the building and communicate important announcements and upcoming events.


Once in the building continue to reach your audience as they move between classes and appointments all day long. Recognize teachers for all they do, highlight student achievements and share pictures of events and everyday life around school.

Digital Signage Welcome Sign for Schools

Digital Signage Student Spotlight Template


A place to focus and an ideal place to get the focus of your students to keep them informed and challenge them with trivia questions.


Help your students make the important decision of what they’re having for lunch and keep them informed of important announcements.

Digital Signage for Libraries

Digital Signage for Lunch Menus and Cafeterias


Take advantage of one of your schools most visited locations to highlight upcoming sporting events and encourage the values your school aspires to.


Use displays to create dynamic teaching environments for topics like financial literacy.

Digital Signage for Gymnasiums

Digital Signage for Financial Markets

These are just some of the locations you could use. There are many more to consider for inspiration!

Once you’ve determined your locations you’ll need a small computer attached to every Display. This computer is what shows your amazing content on the Display, typically with an HDMI cable. We call this computer a media player. If you already have computers that you plan on using just follow these instructions to set them up. 

If you want to save time and be up and running quickly we have pre-configured computers that you can purchase. They typically arrive in a few days depending on your location.

Once your Displays are installed the only thing left to do is:

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Activate your Display.

Step 3 - Keep It Interesting

Step 3: Keep it interesting

To reach students, staff, parents and administrators you need to get their focus and to do this the content on your displays needs to be relevant, look amazing, and always new and interesting. It takes our team of graphic designers and web developers as much as 16 hours to produce a high quality template. Most schools don’t have the resources or time to do this so to solve this problem we created the Weekly Playbook. Every week we send you brand new Template recommendations so that within minutes, not days, you can update your displays with new and engaging content to get the maximum return on your display investment.

We understand that information technology (IT) professionals juggle many responsibilities across multiple schools and digital signage is typically just one of them. For this reason we’ve made it simple to delegate the responsibility of updating the displays to a non IT person at the school. Your designate signs up for the Weekly Playbook and every week we send them brand new template suggestions, they pick the Templates they like and update their displays in minutes. To ensure this handoff is successful we provide free 30 minute training sessions every week. These sessions are also useful for training new people that are taking over when others leave. There are no restrictions on training, send as many people, as often as you like.

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Sign up for the weekly playbook to receive new Templates every week.

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Sign up for free weekly training.

Manage Displays Across The District

school district organization

You have Displays in multiple schools across the district but you might not be getting the maximum return on your display investment. To ensure you do we’ve made it easy to manage all your schools from one District Account. By setting up a District Account you can save up to 27% depending on how many Displays you have across all your schools. In addition you get the following tools that make it easy to manage your growing digital signage network;

  • District Account Users; You need to be able to view all schools in the district from one login. With a District Account you can setup users who can view all schools in the district while individual school users only see their school account.

  • District Display Search; You need to be able to quickly find the status of a display in the district. With a District Account you can search all Displays across the district from one view.

  • Simplified Billing; You need to either purchase display licenses for all the schools and allocate to each or you need each school in the district to purchase their own. With a District Account we can accommodate either scenario and we can set the subscription renewal dates to align with your budget cycle.

  • Volume Price Discount; You want the maximum return on your display investment. With a District Account all your Displays count towards getting you the best price per display.
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Contact us to setup your District Account.


Keep your displays interesting - pick new templates every week!

Every week, we send Template recommendations that will make you look great and improve your audience experience. And the best part, they save up to 16 hours of content creation time every week.

Not convinced? Check out the email we sent last week.