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Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Schools with #SocialSchool4EDU

Grab a pep talk from School PR’s biggest cheerleader, Andrea Gribble from #SocialSchool4EDU. She’ll break down the proven strategies for social media success and engagement.

What You'll Learn

Back by popular demand, we have another information-packed webinar from Andrea from #SocialSchool4EDU. 

In this session, you’ll walk away with an understanding of the dos and don’ts of Facebook for schools. She will also be sharing proven strategies to make your school’s social media presence a success and drive engagement with your community.

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Hosted by:

Jennifer Jennings Jennifer Jennings Growth Marketing Manager Rise Vision Andrea Gribble Andrea Gribble Founder #SocialSchool4EDU
Presented by: Rise Vision Logo #SS4EDU__Icon + Name to the Side-1

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