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Easy Digital Menu Boards for K-12 Schools and Districts

Display menu information in your cafeteria and common areas, sync menus with other digital signage, and manage everything from a cloud-based dashboard. Save hours of content creation time with animated and professionally designed school menu board templates that support your communication goals.

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Digital Menu Boards

Save Time

Make menus in minutes. Schedule in seconds. Create and publish flexibly, on any device. Show on any display. <br> 

Show Anywhere

Menus don’t have to stay in the cafeteria. Show healthier options schoolwide on all your displays.     <br> 

Always Accurate

Out of ingredients? Change of plan? Update quickly and easily, see changes reflected instantly schoolwide.

Menu Templates, Ready For You

Weekly Menus Show Students Their Options

Include as many variations as you need, manage colors and presentation, and update easily in seconds. 

Multi-Choice Weekly Menus Let Students Choose in Advance

When menus consist of a main accompanied by optional trimmings or add-ons it’s possible to offer a week’s worth of choices on a single slide. This template lets students choose Friday’s lunch on Monday — and the current day is automatically highlighted.

Two-Day Menus Give Detail

Give detailed information about today’s and tomorrow’s menu.

Auto-updating Nutrition Facts To Guide Choices

Help students make the right choices for them with convenient, brandable auto-updating nutrition facts templates.

Entertaining Nutrition Trivia Engages

Rather than focusing on usable information, these signs offer entertaining tidbits of information accompanied by light humor to encourage attention and engagement.

“I mainly use digital signage to display our school menus, and I love that it works great with Health-e Pro! We are able to display our school menu and keep our students inspired by adding some of the presentations that Rise Vision offers. We like to see the little ones reading displays or being entertained while they wait in line.”

— Andrea Tellez, Secretary to the Child Nutrition Department, Winton Woods City Schools

School Lunch Digital Menu Boards

Create Stunning Digital Signage in Minutes

Digital menu boards do what traditional signage and stopgap measures like USB sticks and slideshows can’t. They capture attention and present information that viewers actually take in. When you can manage signage from a single location, you save hours a week (Rise Vision customers save an average 16 hours of busywork a week using our tool). Creating signage from a growing library of over 500 templates is easy, and you can schedule slideshows across all your displays, in and out of the cafeteria.

Drive Nutritional and Educational Outcomes Digital Menu Boards

Drive Nutritional and Educational Outcomes

Encourage healthy food choices and help reduce food insecurity. Improved educational outcomes flow from better nutrition and a calmer cafeteria atmosphere. Over time, student health improves. Students feel empowered and make better food choices.

Support Nutritious Choices Digital Menu Boards

Support Nutritious Choices

Encourage healthy food choices and help reduce food insecurity. Improved educational outcomes flow from better nutrition and a calmer cafeteria atmosphere. Over time, student health improves. Students feel empowered and make better food choices.

Questions Answered Digital Menu Board

Questions? Answered. Queues? Shortened

Is it gluten-free? Is it vegetarian? I’m allergic to peanuts. Can I eat the lasagne? What’s in the pudding? Display it all on menus in the queue. Students know exactly what to select when they reach the counter, resulting in shorter queues.

Coping With Change Digital Menu Boards

Coping With Change is Part of the Plan

When second seating has a different menu, or options change last-minute, adjusting digital signage to match is the work of a few clicks. It still looks great, reads easy, and shows wherever you want. No more chaos at the counter.

Pre-ordering and Planning Digital Menu Boards

Enable Pre-ordering and Planning

Embed menus in schoolwide digital signage, so students see it throughout the day. Follow up with signage targeting queues in the cafeteria, so when students reach the counter, they’ve already made their decision. Enable pre-ordering through QR codes in mobile apps. Studies show this reduces plate waste and drives healthier eating. 

Schedule Digital Menu Boards

Schedule, Set Up, and Match the Rest of Your Signage

Build and schedule menus quickly and easily. Choose which displays to show them on. Mix in menu information with school news, wayfinding, and general signage. Match styles and branding with custom templates. 

Improve School Cafeteria Communication Digital Menu Boards

Improve School Cafeteria Communication

Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools share menus and meals, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

Stop changing the signage on displays with a thumb drive, or writing and transporting paper signs. Open our powerful, easy-to-use editor, and create signage for your school in minutes. Sign up for a no-strings free trial. 

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“We use Rise Vision to … celebrate students and staff and share the weekly lunch menu. Instead of printing hundreds of flyers to send home with younger students to advertise events, information is now put on the Rise Vision displays for students and families.”

— Amanda Keller, Social Media Director, Weston School District
School Cafeteria Digital Menus

Creating School Cafeteria Digital Menus With Rise Vision

Step 1

Pick and Customize Your Template

Choose from our readymade menu templates to improve communication and create a positive school culture.

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Step 2

Activate Your Display

Activate displays in your hallways, cafeteria, library, gym, classrooms, and more.

Share Digital Signage Anywhere Rise Vision
Step 3

Keep it interesting

Add new templates from our weekly recommendations to keep your community engaged.

Keep It Interesting Digital Signage
No Credit Card Required

Creating signage for cafeterias is a simple process, because we know that’s what schools need. Our editor was built from the ground up to be intuitive, based on feedback from real school staff with real deadlines to hit. If you can use Slides or Word, you can pick up Rise Vision and start making display-worthy digital signage right away. Sounds like a bold claim? Start your free trial today. Test it.

The Digital Signage Solution for K-12

Easy Software

Our easy software makes it simple for you to delegate managing your digital cafeteria signage to any student or staff member in your school.

Any Hardware

Save money, don’t get stuck with proprietary hardware, and get more out of existing devices with our extensive hardware support.

District Communications

Manage cafeteria signage and menus across your district with user roles, unlimited users, account hierarchy, emergency alerts, and expert help.

500+ Templates

Save hours of content creation time every week with 500+ professionally designed, animated, and customizable templates.

Popular Integrations

Automatically pull content for your menus from services like Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Canva, Twitter, our partners like Good News Network®, and more.

Weekly Recommendations

Stay inspired all year and keep your digital menus fresh with our weekly template recommendations and annual template calendar.

Free Support

Replies in less than a business hour, phone, email, and remote desktop support all for free from a team backed by a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Free Training

Don’t pay for costly training sessions. Get your staff and students up to speed fast on Rise Vision with our free weekly training sessions.

Affordable Pricing

Save hundreds with our simple, transparent pricing. Rise Vision is the only digital signage software solution 100% focused on helping schools.

Why Does K-12 Need a Digital Solution?

Because traditional signage isn’t up to the job. 

Static Digital Menu Boards

Static Signage Takes Too Much Work

Teachers and administrators spend hours putting together signs that are out of date before they’re finished. Then they have to be displayed, changed, and stored, all by hand. It’s all time that could be better spent.

Student Traditional Signage Digital Menu Boards

Traditional Signage is Failing Students

About half of all students in America don’t get enough time to eat lunch. Slow queues in the lunchroom and unclear signage mean they have less time at the table. Well-placed digital signage leaves them with more.

Traditional Signage Digital Menu Boards

Traditional Signage Gets Ignored

Like all of us, students develop ‘ad blindness,’ meaning they get good at ignoring static signage. Digital signage, in the cafeteria just as much as in the classroom, gets over 400% more views. Students see it and pay attention. 

No Credit Card Required

“We publish our weekly lunch menu, upcoming events, important announcements, the time and weather, along with pictures of our students involved in activities and classroom learning. The Rise Vision digital signage serves as an additional means for communicating important messages to our students.”

— Lisa F., District Technology Coordinator, Dundy County Stratton Schools

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