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    Press Release: Rise Vision Unveils Transformative Case Study Featuring Iowa Park CISD

    Press Release: Rise Vision Unveils Transformative Case Study Featuring Iowa Park CISD

    (March 25, 2024) –– Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software proudly announces the release of its latest case study spotlighting the success story of Iowa Park Consolidated Independent School District (CISD). Situated in northern Texas, Iowa Park CIS has embraced Rise Vision district-wide across their four schools, making a notable improvement in campus communication.

    The case study shares the journey of Matt Voss, Director of Technology at Iowa Park CISD, as he recounts the transition from a previous digital signage provider to Rise Vision. Under Voss's guidance, the adoption of Rise Vision has yielded remarkable enhancements in communication with students, staff, and parents, revolutionizing the campus experience.

    In the sprawling expanse of North Texas, Iowa Park CISD, home to approximately 2,000 students, embarked on a mission to improve its campus communication infrastructure. Seeking an efficient and dynamic digital signage solution, Rise Vision was introduced by a neighboring district promising a contender. With two elementary schools and two secondary schools nestled near the Texas-Oklahoma border, Iowa Park CISD spans a diverse educational landscape catering to PreK-12 students.

    Before embracing Rise Vision, Iowa Park CISD grappled with technical challenges and cost constraints associated with its previous digital signage provider. Frustrated by recurring display issues and prohibitive expenses, the district sought a change. Rise Vision, highly recommended by a neighboring district, emerged as the optimal solution, offering a trifecta of benefits: intuitive usability, hardware agnostic compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

    Shea Darlison, CRO at Rise Vision, expressed “The success story of Iowa Park CISD truly showcases how Rise Vision can make a difference in school communication. It's exciting for us to see how our platform is empowering Iowa Park to boost engagement throughout their schools.”

    For more information about Rise Vision and how it can support a school’s communication strategies, visit the company’s website.

    Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools improve communication, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

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