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    Press Release: Necedah Schools Reduced Time to Lockdown by 50% with Rise Vision and InformaCast

    Press Release: Necedah Schools Reduced Time to Lockdown by 50% with Rise Vision and InformaCast

    (May 6, 2024) –– Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software is proud to announce the release of its latest case study highlighting the success of Necedah Area School District. Located in rural Wisconsin, Necedah Schools deployed Rise Vision for a dynamic solution that could handle everything from daily announcements to critical emergency alerts. Through the implementation of Rise Vision, integrated with InformaCast from Singlewire Software, Necedah Schools has reduced its time to lockdown by more than 50% to about 20 seconds!

    InformaCast from Singlewire Software is a single platform for emergency and communication that enables schools to reach everyone with the technology the campus already has. The mass notification system delivers attention-getting audio, text and visual alerts throughout the facility and to people’s mobile devices. 

    Implementing Rise Vision at Necedah Schools has resulted in significant and measurable improvements in both school safety protocols and student engagement.

    Previously, activating an emergency protocol was cumbersome and slow, taking up to 60 seconds to fully lock down the campus. With Rise Vision and InformaCast, this process has been reduced to about 20 seconds, effectively decreasing lockdown times by over 50%. 

    Kris Saylor, Director of Technology explained, "The quick-click scenarios set up through InformaCast allow for immediate action, significantly shortening the response time in critical situations." Saylor also shared that when the emergency response is concluded, it’s quick and easy to return to learning and put out an all clear announcement.

    Shea Darlison, CRO at Rise Vision, stated, “We are proud to see that with Rise Vision digital signage and InformaCasts, Necedah Schools has been able to reduce the time to lockdown by 50% to less than 20 seconds! Every second counts in an emergency situation. This case study is a prime example of the power of technology in school safety.”

    Necedah Schools' use of Rise Vision not only meets their initial requirements for an efficient communication platform but also adds significant value to daily operations and safety protocols.

    For more information about Rise Vision and how it can improve school safety, visit the company’s website.

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