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    Press Release: Rise Vision is Celebrating Excellence at New Prague Area Schools

    (April 4, 2024) –– Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software is proud to announce the release of its latest case study spotlighting the success of New Prague Area Schools. Located in Minnesota, New Prague Area Schools deployed Rise Vision district-wide across their three elementary schools, two secondary schools, and their central education campus with the goal of amplifying their recognition efforts. The case study also includes how Captivate Media helped the school animate its brand identity and values through video.

    Across New Prague Area Schools' multiple campuses, Rise Vision serves as a versatile communication tool. From daily lunch menus to student pickup schedules for buses, and announcements, Rise Vision ensures that every corner of New Prague is connected and informed. The school district demonstrates how Rise Vision can be used to enhance communication and engagement at every level of education.

    One notable use of digital signage is their Hall of Fame. Recognizing students for their service and leadership contributions, New Prague Area Schools showcase their achievements through digital displays. By featuring student accomplishments in the Hall of Fame, the district instills values of compassion and social responsibility in its students, supported by visually engaging video content.
    Greg Pint, Technology Director at New Prague Area Schools said, “[Rise Vision] digital signage solution has exceeded our expectations for districtwide communication."

    Using Rise Vision and Captivate Media allows New Prague Area Schools to create cohesive branding and messaging across their digital signage and video content. Captivate Media produces visually stunning videos that align with New Prague Area Schools's brand identity, seamlessly integrating with Rise Vision's dynamic displays.

    Jennifer Jennings, Growth Marketing Manager at Rise Vision, remarked “It’s exciting to see how New Prague Area Schools are making the most of digital signage and video content. The district is a shining example of how a school district can enhance communication and amplify student achievements.”

    For more information about Rise Vision and how it can support a school’s communication strategies, visit the company’s website.

    Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools improve communication, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

    Captivate Media offers marketing services including video production, enrollment marketing and motion graphics design to school districts across the US.

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