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    Press Release: Rise Vision and Captivate Media Partner for “Using Video to (Re)build Trust” Webinar

    Press Release: Rise Vision and Captivate Media Partner for “Using Video to (Re)build Trust” Webinar

    (March 19, 2024) –– Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software solution for schools, is excited to announce the presentation of a webinar in collaboration with Jake Sturgis from Captivate Media. The webinar, titled "Using Video to (Re)build Trust," offers K-12 educators practical strategies for using video to build and reinforce trust within their school communities.

    Each day our students, families, educators and community members are inundated with messages meant to highlight our differences, build mistrust and to divide us. With trust between school districts and the communities they serve strained more than ever, employing traditional communication tactics may not reach people in the ways schools need.

    "Using Video to (Re)build Trust" webinar provided attendees with strategies to help reverse this growing divide and rebuild a stronger community. Led by expert Jake Sturgis from Captivate Media, participants learned strategies on how to reach the hearts and minds of community members and how to share stories and celebrate their students and staff.

    "Rise Vision is excited to partner with Captivate Media to offer our audience this webinar,” remarked Jennifer Jennings, Growth Marketing Manager School, “We share a common mission to positively impact education and help schools improve communication."

    Jake Sturgis, Founder of Captivate Media stated, "Every school can benefit from using video to rebuild and enhance trust within their school community, not only during enrollment season but throughout the school year. Our collaboration with Rise Vision to build a strong school community brings valuable insights to K-12 educators. ”

    Don't miss this opportunity to rebuild your community’s trust with practical strategies. Watch the recording of the "Using Video to (Re)build Trust" webinar on demand to be empowered with tips to build a strong school community.

    To learn more about how schools are using Rise Vision to enhance school communication, visit the company's website.

    Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools improve communication, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

    Captivate Media offers marketing services including video production, enrollment marketing and motion graphics design to school districts across the US.

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