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Digital Info Board

Things move fast in today’s world. How are you keeping up? If we told you we have a tool to reduce duplication of staff duties, assure flexibility and aid creativity, would you be interested?

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Digital Info Board

Why go digital?

Flexibility, Resiliency, and Creativity. That’s what digital offers compared to paper flyers, corkboards, and chalkboards.

Easy Content Updates

Easy, quick, democratized updates. Anyone on your staff can do it!

Paper flyers, corkboards, and chalkboards require labor-intensive, on-site updates. This often means repetitive communications to staff who have a dozen other distractions that take up their time.

Speed Up Your Communication

Speed up your communication.

Whether you are conveying health information meant for school staff and students that must go through each school nurse’s office to be posted, or to the HR departments of various company locations to be posted for all staff – the more people the message goes through, the longer it may take to reach your target audience. The consistency of the message can get muddied along the way, too.

Modernize Your Communication

Don’t get left behind! Modernize your organization’s communication.

In a fast-moving world, where information is expected to be immediate, old methods of getting the word out are becoming outdated and slow. Digital info boards offer speed, uniformity, and accuracy to your messaging.

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“We use Rise Vision to display marketing videos, safety videos, consumer venues, etc. Changes are easy to make, and do not require our displays to be connected to network (videos will run offline!)”

— Dennis Barnard, Finish Thompson Inc.
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Rise Vision Makes Going To Digital Info Boards Easy

Imagine, one board with the capacity to communicate with all your site-based digital displays. You can control that one cloud-based account from anywhere in the world. That gives you immediacy, consistency, and flexibility. Cloud-based access enables you to make changes quickly and efficiently. One change, multiple sites.

There is no steep learning curve. Rise Vision makes it easy with hundreds of templates to choose from. When you don’t have to build something from the ground up, you save time. You can put your energy into creative messaging that meets the needs of your target audience. You can save time without sacrificing the quality of your communications.

Financial Info Board

Digital signage can display financial market information and dynamic stock tickers.

Financial Info Board

Do you manage information for major investment firms? What about international banks that want to track world markets? A digital info board can provide consistent information to staff, and visitors alike.

Are you in charge of messaging within regional banks? A digital info board could unify your communications. It can also heighten your ability to target customers with specific messages.

Financial Literacy Info Board

Your entire branch banking system is assured of sharing the same important message with all of your customers. A digital info board can provide valuable information in an eye-pleasing format. While your customers wait in line, it can reduce their perceived wait time.

A digital info board also offers a great marketing moment or two. The customers standing in line will get what they need from your message. You can promote financial literacy, while making the subtle suggestion that they open a savings account. Either way, you have a captive audience and a soft sell opportunity. You can easily mix it up with other templates that will rotate automatically.

Health Messaging Info Board

Alignment and consistency in health message reminders are crucial elements of effective communications campaigns. Getting information to your various sites in a timely way is important, whether it is a school, business or healthcare facility. With this tool, you can be assured your message will be shared with precision.

Critical Health Info Board

If you need to share important health messages during a time of crisis, you can do so quickly, ensuring that your audience receives the most-timely information from trusted health authorities.

Emergency Alert Info Board

Some municipalities and public entities want the capacity to alert the public, as well as staff about imminent weather events. A digital info board serves public safety. Keeping people safe is something Rise Vision places great emphasis on.

Tracking potential emergencies holds significance for a number of businesses, like specialized delivery services. You may need to know about the evolving path of severe weather events.

Companies that ship large, time-sensitive orders, like promotional materials, for events and conferences might like to provide staff in various warehouses with real-time updates. Knowing the path of pending weather events nationwide that could delay, or cause detours with shipments allow for a change in routing.
Also, consider crisis communication plans.

They can be prepared in advance, with relevant talking points and actions to take in the event of specific occurrences. Whether it is a PR disaster, or one brought on by nature, having a plan in place can facilitate unified messaging to all of your offices, schools or facilities.

Digital info boards can keep everyone on track with information that allows for greater flexibility and resiliency.

Customizable Slideshow Info Board

Did you know? If you want to use a series of slides for a storytelling experience, our digital info boards have a template for that. It’s simple and adaptable. You can highlight an important message with eye-catching graphics to share with your audience. Graphics combined with data and narrative are more effective than any one element on its own. Use all the tools at your fingertips with the right template and our digital info boards.

Calendar Info Board

If efficiency and saving time matters, this is the tool for you! Our calendar templates can be synced to your company’s or school’s Google calendar. You get simplicity, ease of use and nonduplication of efforts. Check out our large variety of calendar templates. Find just the one to meet your needs.

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Activate your display

After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

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Keep it interesting

Remember to continue communicating better by subscribing to our free weekly template recommendations and be sure to attend one of our free weekly training sessions. Also, we’re standing by if there’s any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

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“NO COMPLAINTS! Overall I am very pleased. It has been great for our members to see the day's events and all the things we have coming up! I love the way that it helps us to look professional and have a ton of information to give to our church members.”

— Jennifer Beck, First Baptist Church Maryville
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