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    What is a STEM school?

    What is a STEM school?

    STEM schools are schools in which major subjects in the school are in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM schools have gained prominence in recent years. This has been credited to the increase in the need for jobs in the STEM field, which is quickly growing. STEM schools are highly desirable to parents who feel that they want their children to be prepared for what career challenges lie ahead. STEM schools provide a supportive and nurturing environment for students and provide a rich and engaging environment for learning.

    A STEM school is a new kind of learning environment, and one of the most notable and innovative educational institutions of the 21st century. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, now offer undergraduate degrees in STEM. The idea of a STEM school is to provide a place where students can pursue an education that will help them excel in the field of their choice.

    What Does STEM Stand For?

    A STEM school is an educational institution that focuses on teaching STEM courses. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are the four main areas in the curriculum in which students are instructed. The goal of a STEM program is to produce well-educated students who are qualified to enter the STEM field and to show students how education can lead to great jobs. STEM schools provide students with analytical skills and research skills.

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    What Are Examples of STEM Classes?

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the four areas of classes on college campuses that are pushing for more enrollment. Some classes include:

    • Aerospace engineering
    • Astronomy
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Chemical engineering
    • Chemistry
    • Civil engineering
    • Computer science
    • Electrical engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Physics
    • Psychology
    • Statistics

    Why Is STEM Education Important? 

    STEM education are the fields that are used to help create many of the devices that are in our everyday lives, not to mention are used in the technology used in our everyday lives. Without the proper knowledge of STEM education, much of our technology would not exist or would not be functioning properly. Without the STEM fields, our daily lives would be very different. 

    A STEM school works to prepare students for college. Students are more likely to succeed in college if they are STEM graduates. Many of the best universities are STEM-based including Stanford. Some organizations that feature STEM programs and STEM learning include: 

    STEM high schools are great for students to get prepared for college. Students are taught the crucial skills they need to succeed in college. This way when they get into college they know what it takes to succeed. STEM classes also create many opportunities for students to learn about the industry. A lot of part-time jobs are offered to students so they can gain experience while still attending high school. These schools hold the best chance for students to succeed in higher education. Not to mention these schools also hold many opportunities for students to gain experiences in the STEM field.

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    What Are the Benefits of a STEM Education? 

    STEM education has been proven to have a variety of benefits. Examples include:

    1. Increased student engagement – Studies have shown that students who participate in STEM programs tend to have a better attitude towards STEM careers.
    2. Increased support – STEM programs that include a community component help build a support system for students who choose to pursue a STEM career.
    3. Increased careers – One of the main benefits of having a STEM program is the opportunity to introduce career options to students who otherwise might not have known about them.
    4. Increased student mixing – Mixed groups encourage relationships with people from different backgrounds.
    5. Increased knowledge – There is a vast amount of opportunity for students to learn. STEM programs incorporate topics across the entire academic spectrum, and schools find ways to make sure students and teachers alike learn and keep on learning. STEM schools also offer a wide variety of programs and opportunities to broaden learning and help students build independent and respectful learning habits.

    How Does a STEM School Encourage Open Communication?

    At a STEM school, teachers get students involved in managing their own schedules and understanding what they need to get done and how best to get it done. This encourages students to ask for help and get involved with one another, building lifelong skills and habits. With this involvement comes responsibility and accountability for yourself and your team, and the freedom and ability to communicate and work with others and set and achieve goals.

    Is a Career in STEM Rewarding?

    STEM is a growing field in the U.S., and it covers a wide range of jobs in a variety of industries. STEM jobs in the U.S. totaled 64 million in 2017, or 33 percent of the U.S. workforce, according to the Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA). In fact, the average yearly salary for a STEM job in 2021 was $50,915, with the average annual salary for top earners at $84,500. STEM careers are in demand in today's job market with the average salary of an engineering salary being $91,160 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    We reported on salaries of promising STEM jobs here.

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    What Are Examples of STEM Activities? 

    There are hundreds of examples of STEM activities. The organization “Science Buddies” lists 459 STEM activities including:

    STEM Program: What Should I Major In? 

    Over the course of a college degree, especially a 4-year degree, a student will be exposed to a large variety of projects and problems which he/she must figure out ways to solve. A lot of the time it is a creative process. Therefore, a STEM degree will focus on solving creative problems. In fields such as biology, computer science, and engineering you get a lot of creative freedom. You're given the chance to think of creative problems from which you can design solutions from scratch.

    Why Is a STEM Education Important as a Student? 

    STEM education is an education that not only informs students about the fundamentals of these subjects but helps them take these big ideas and creatively apply them to the world around them. This education can take a student from a wide range of places and land that student - competitively qualified and ready for a career - in a variety of fields.

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