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    Transforming Campus Communication: A Rise Vision Case Study with Weslaco ISD

    Transforming Campus Communication: A Rise Vision Case Study with Weslaco ISD

    Educational technology is changing every day and finding effective solutions to enhance communication within school campuses is important. This case study delves into the experience of Homer Colunga, Instructional Technology Coach, and Iris Cardona, Library Media Assistant, both key players at Weslaco Independent School District (Weslaco ISD), as they share their journey of integrating Rise Vision’s digital signage software to address communication challenges.

    Weslaco ISD, located in Hidalgo County in Texas, is home to over 15,000 bright and talented students across 19 campuses. Rise Vision supports Weslaco ISD with their vision to inspire and empower all their students to reach their full potential. 

    Inefficient and a Limited Digital Signage Solution

    The primary issue Weslaco ISD sought to address was the inefficiency and limitations of their existing digital signage system. With their old system, it was a cumbersome process to update content which hindered the smooth flow of information across the campus. They needed a solution that was not only user-friendly but also capable of scaling to accommodate various displays throughout the school.

    Homer Colunga, the instructional coach at Weslaco ISD, shared the initial struggles with the school’s outdated digital signage solutions. Before adopting Rise Vision, the district relied on Apple TVs and the photo stream capability. However, they faced difficulties in updating content promptly.

    Renee Dyer, Weslaco’s District Librarian Coordinator and a pivotal figure in the decision-making process, tasked Homer with finding a more efficient solution. Homer explained, "Renee tasked me with finding a [digital signage] solution, and [Rise Vision] was one of the ones that came up. I did a demo, and here we are."

    How did Weslaco ISD Come About Using Rise Vision?

    The decision to adopt Rise Vision stemmed from the need for a comprehensive digital signage solution. Rise Vision’s versatility and ease of use stood out during the demo, leading to its successful deployment. Homer highlights the advantages, stating, "What we've liked is that we have basically unlimited screens that we can put this out to."

    Making the most of the “unlimited screens” - a feature of the popular Unlimited License - Weslaco has Rise Vision displays in the hallways in the common areas, the front office, the nurse’s office, counseling office, and classrooms! 

    After the swift implementation of Rise Vision across their large campus, Homer handed over the reins and creative freedom to Iris Cardona, Library Media Specialist. Now, Iris gets to flex her creative muscles and design engaging, dynamic content that supports their school’s communication strategy. 

    Weslaco's Proactive Approach to Digital Signage

    Weslaco_Book clubWeslaco ISD is expanding Rise Vision beyond traditional digital signage.

    What makes Weslaco ISD's use case unique is their proactive approach to expanding Rise Vision beyond traditional digital signage. Homer envisions Rise Vision's evolution, stating, "The beauty of those [ViewSonic] touch panels is they can be put anywhere in the classroom. So the evolution of Rise is we're gonna go beyond digital signage because we're gonna use it in the classroom."

    Homer further explained his vision for the platform transforming classroom dynamics. The end goal is to empower teachers to display content and classroom objectives on TVs via Rise Vision in addition to using their ViewSonic touch screen panels for instruction. The combination strives to foster a more interactive and engaged learning environment.

    Weslaco Now Has an Efficient and Unlimited Solution

    Weslaco tech stack_ViewSonic and TVs with media playersWeslaco's tech stack for digital signage includes IFPs, and displays with media players.

    Weslaco ISD leverages Rise Vision to address a variety of challenges, from disseminating critical information to showcasing student achievements and creating a dynamic learning experience. 

    Content Creation with Rise Vision

    Iris Cardona, the library media assistant, emerges as the content creator extraordinaire at Weslaco ISD. Despite her initial unfamiliarity with graphic design, Iris quickly adapted and excelled in using Rise Vision, surpassing even Homer's expectations. Her creations, characterized by high-quality graphics and engaging visuals, have become a hallmark of Weslaco ISD's digital displays.

    Homer commends Iris's skills, stating, "Some of the things that Iris has created, I mean, it's just awesome. You know, I'm really impressed because this is high quality stuff that she's creating."

    Iris provided insights into her content creation process, using integrated platforms like Canva and Google Slides to enhance Rise Vision's capabilities. She shares how she uses Canva to create content, "I created [content] in Canva and I downloaded it as a video - not a slide - and I uploaded it as a video to Rise, and it's so smooth. [In] the process… there's no hiccups, there's no issues."

    Weslaco_Recycling programIris creates dynamic presentations for the library sign.

    Everyone Wants to be Like Weslaco!

    The Weslaco ISD Rise Vision case study offers valuable insights for educators, instructional technologists, and school administrators looking to enhance communication within their campuses. Key takeaways include:

    • Versatility of Rise Vision: Rise Vision can go beyond traditional digital signage, such as integrating it into classrooms for a dynamic learning experience. Having Rise Vision on classroom IFPs is also a great way to welcome students into the classroom during morning announcements.
    • Content Creation: Iris Cardona's journey as a self-taught content creator using Rise Vision and use of platforms like Canva and Google Slides exemplifies the flexibility and creativity that can be harnessed.
    • Scalability and User-Friendly Interface: Weslaco ISD's deployment of Rise Vision across multiple screen types and campus wide emphasizes its scalability and user-friendly interface. 

    Weslaco_All state MariachiWeslaco uses their digital content and prints it to proudly display in their parking area. Here, they are celebrating the amazing accomplishment of one of their students, Jiada Ortiz, the 2023-2024 All State Mariachi.

    In conclusion, the transformation of Weslaco ISD's communication system through Rise Vision is a testament to the platform's effectiveness. From addressing common communication challenges to enhancing the future of education, Rise Vision has become an integral part of Weslaco ISD's commitment to fostering effective communication.

    Homer expresses his satisfaction, stating, "What we have done here, it's good. Rise Vision is so versatile. The fact that it's just easy to use, and you can do a lot of things with it."

    Educators and administrators are encouraged to explore Rise Vision for their own institutions. The platform's adaptability, ease of use, and potential for transforming communication make it a valuable asset for schools seeking innovative solutions.

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