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The Top 10 Welcome Sign Ideas for Schools, Offices and Venues

The Top 10 welcome sign ideas for schools offices and venues

It’s safe to say we’re full swing into the digital age. There’s really no turning back now. And when it comes to welcome signs, you can still take the handmade “arts and crafts” route when making a great welcome sign, or you can turn to digital signage.

Since we’re a digital signage software company, we’re going to focus on the digital route. In this post, we’re going to go over some great welcome sign ideas, best practices for creating digital welcome signs and how to get started.

So, grab a warm beverage of your choice and let’s get started!

Benefits of Digital Welcome Signs

You Can Make Mistakes

This is the best part about digital signage.

Making anything by hand has a risk and cost associated with it. Big goofs are hard to fix and worse, you may have to go back to the supply store to buy everything you need all over again. Ouch.

With digital welcome signs you can misspell words, make words too small or too big, hose up the alignment, use an ugly photo..it doesn’t matter, you can always undo any action and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Feel Free To Change it Up!

Once you have your digital signage system in place you’re free to easily update the look of your welcome signage. There’s no need to tear down the old welcome sign and create it all from scratch again. Simply search for a new template or make edits to your current one.

For instance, you may want to change your welcome sign to something that fits with the upcoming season or holiday. Easy. Just grab a new template and publish it.

happy Chinese new year digital signage template

Get started with this Chinese New Year digital signage template here

Easily Display at Multiple Entrances and Locations

Many of you are here because you want to create welcome signage for a building or campus. Chances are you have more than one entrance that requires signage. With digital welcome signage, you can display the same welcome sign to all entrances or areas you wish.

If you have multiple buildings, even in different geographic locations, all entrances can display the same welcome sign. Additionally, all welcome signs can be created or updated from one account, from any computer in the world.

Save Your Work For Another Time

That Happy New Year welcome sign you set up in 2018 may have looked amazing. Why not use it again? One of the biggest advantages of digital signage is it saves time. If you have a big laundry list of items to do every Monday, why spend it on creating new welcome signs and messages?

Now, For The Top 10 Welcome Sign Ideas!

1. Front Desk Welcome Sign

office greeting digital signage template

Get started with this front desk digital signage template here

The Office Greeting template was made to help you welcome visitors in your front office. The template has four customizable text fields for you to personalize, as well as an editable background image and your branding colors. Use it to guide visitors, show announcements, or both.

2. High Contrast, Clutter-Free - Welcome Sign

digital signage template welcome sign

Get started with this digital signage welcome template here

Sometimes the best welcome signs are simply the ones that are clear and easy to read. This welcome signage template provides a clutter-free layout. Insert your logo. The date and time are displayed in the upper right-hand corner. The “welcome” text at the bottom of the template can be edited to display any welcome message of your choosing.

Be sure to read our design tip section below as to why this particular sign, although unsexy, makes a great welcome sign.

3. Twitter Welcome Feed

twitter welcome sign digital signage template

Get started with this Twitter feed digital signage template here

You can use this Twitter feed digital signage template to display welcome tweets from your company, school or organization account. You can take it a step further and cue up welcome tweets from staff Twitter accounts to add that personal touch!

4. Instagram Surprise Welcome Post

instagram digital signage template welcome

Get started with this Instagram digital signage template here

You can use our Instagram template to encourage visitors to find surprise welcome posts on your Instagram account waiting for them. Create a wonderful welcome video and gain some new followers!

5. Important Holiday Welcoming

Martin Luther King digital signage template

Get started with the Martin Luther King Jr. Day digital signage template here

Sometimes the best way to welcome people is by highlighting the impact important historical heroes have had on our world. It gives people entering a building, meeting, or campus - an extra boost of inspiration that certainly adds values to the day’s meetings and events.

6. Guest Speaker

guest speaker digital signage template

Get started with this digital signage template here

Welcome a guest speaker and make sure people are aware of the event with this template. Add the template and personalize it with your own text, logo, background, and image. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to make your guest speaker feel welcome.

7. This Day In History Welcome Sign

this day in history digital signage template

Get started with this Day in History digital signage template here

Welcome people with some trivia! Nothing like a quick factoid to open any meeting or conversation with an ice breaker. This welcome sign will arm your visitors with trivia for the day ahead.

8. Flu Season Welcome Sign

get your flu shot digital welcome sign

Get started with this flu season digital signage template here

This welcome sign can help reduce the number of days missed by students and employees. The value of such a simple reminder is priceless.

9. Daylight Savings Time Welcome Sign

daylight savings time digital signage template

Get this daylight savings time digital signage template here

Everyone needs this reminder! Welcome visitors and tell them to get ready to turn back their clocks that weekend. They’ll thank you for it!

10. Back to School Welcome Signs

Digital signage for K-12 schools is what we do best! Below are some of our digital welcome signs designed for school campuses.

welcome back to school digital signage template

Get started with the welcome back digital signage template here

Greet your students on their first day back to school with this fun ‘Welcome Back’ template. Use the template to introduce yourself, tell a joke, share a quote, and more! No matter how you personalize it, this colorful, exciting template is sure to start off the school year right.

Welcome and National Day

welcome and national day digital signage template

Get started with this welcome digital signage template here

We all know how important it is to make visitors and students feel welcome at your school, so we created this easy to use template to greet your guests. What's more, this template automatically updates each day with a different national day, such as pizza day or talk like a pirate day! Add this template and your logo and it will pick up your branding colors. Finish it off with your own school motto or message.

Welcome and Weather Update

welcome lobby weather digital signage template

Get started with this digital welcome and weather update template here.

This welcoming animated template is designed for use in your lobby, school office, or anywhere you would like to show an editable welcome message to your visitors. This template will also show the current weather and the weather for the upcoming week. Use this template to quickly and easily make your guests feel welcome and ready for the week ahead.

Welcome to the Library

welcome to library digital signage template

Get started with this digital signage library template here

Keep everyone in your library informed and inspired with this animated template. You can add details about the library on the cover of the book and inside there is space for a short welcome message and inspiring quote. The book will flip over to reveal the quote after 10 seconds. This template can also be customized to your school’s logo and colors.

Scrolling Ticker

scrolling ticker welcome back to school digital signage template

Get started with this scrolling ticker digital signage template here

Welcome students and guests to your school with this engaging and informative template. Use this template to advertise upcoming events, show the current weather and display pictures of life at your school.

Welcome Parents!

Parent Teacher Meeting Digital Signage Template

Get started with this Welcome Parents template here

Easily share information about your parent and teacher meetings with this animated digital signage template. The school animation will run each time the template loads, and there is also a subtle animation on the flag. Personalize the template by changing the welcome message and event details.

Basic School Welcome Templates

basic school welcome digital signage template

Get started with this school welcome digital signage template here

Teachers and faculty know how important it is to make their visitors and students feel welcome, that's why we created this friendly easy to use template. Add the template, personalize it with your own text, logo, and background image. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to acknowledge and welcome your guests.

Welcome Sign Design Tips

When making a welcome sign, regardless of whether or not it’s going to be digital, there are some easy rules of thumb to follow to ensure your sign communicates effectively.

Consider Cutting The Cursive

If you peruse the Internet for welcome sign ideas, you’ll see hundreds of photos that look like this:


welcome sign idea


Welcome signs like these are certainly beautiful. The only problem is that they can be hard to read, especially from a distance.

A well designed welcome sign will be legible from a distance, giving the visitor enough time to read it. That extra time is really important; it allows visitors to digest instructions and directions. This helps visitors make it to where they need to go on time. The best way to achieve legibility is to use non-cursive typography.

Go For High Contrast

Many designers (of almost anything) will use various shades of gray in their design. It’s an easy choice to keep a design looking good. However, grays tend to make welcome signs low contrast. For example, emergency signage uses bright colors and high contrast:

Emergency Alerts Digital Signage

When your signage is important (like an emergency notification), you want to go for high contrast. It obviously doesn’t hurt to apply this same design principle to welcome signs.

Use Large Letter Sizing

Remember, welcome signs and signage has the core purpose of communicating to people who are at various distances. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of your sign you want to make sure you use the largest letter size possible. If you’ve ever made a garage sale sign for your neighborhood, you know that your first attempt at making a big, easy to read sign never cuts it. With that said, go big or go home!

Earlier we had mentioned that this welcome sign template..

Digital Signage Template Welcome Sign

..was a great choice because it's clear, high contrast and uses large typography that can be seen from great distances. Simple always works!

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