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    Q&A: How a Live Stream Got Students Engaged

    How a Live Stream Got Students Engaged

    Lori Bakken, Administrative Professional Principal at Fulda Elementary School, is like most users: always searching for ideas for engaging viewers. The school has had great success with using a live stream on their Display, and we asked them to share their experience below.

    What gave you the idea to do a live stream?

    I like nature so I watch the eagle cam every year. The students at the elementary love the digital message board, so I thought the eagle's nesting in the Spring was interesting, and I looked into getting it to stream on the board. It has been a hit, this is the fourth year of streaming it. Interesting creatures!

    Where did you find out about the stream?

    I have followed the eagle cam for years. I did look into streaming more of the DNR cam's, but just stayed with the eagle. The eagle is in nature, how they build their nest, take care of their eggs, feed their young is all so interesting. I thought the students might enjoy watching the eagle.

    How long did it take you to create the Presentation for your Display?

    This year the eagle cam changed to YouTube, and I struggled to get it running; I had awesome help from Ray, Rise Vision; he got it running and the correct size to fit my placeholder. The first time we got it running it was small, my kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders didn't like how small it was, and boy did I hear about it. I contacted Ray, and he got it to fit the entire placeholder. I had happy students!

    What feedback / reaction have students and faculty had?

    The students love watching the eagle on its nest. This year, with the weather we've had, the eagle is struggling with mates, not attending the nest like in the past, and the students were concerned with the eggs. The teachers were asking questions also; since I subscribe to updates I kept filling the teachers in on the troubles the eagles were having. I don't believe the eggs will ever hatch this year, they were left unattended far too much. I checked this morning, since we got 14+ inches of snow over the weekend the nest is covered with snow. I think the eagle gave up.

    Who updates your displays? Is it a team effort or just one person?

    I am the only one who updates the signage board at the elementary

    Are there any other creative digital signage presentations you are working on? Or things you'd like to eventually do?

    There is a digital board at the HS in our district, another gal is responsible for it. I will play with it if I get free time. If I was had more time to play with the board I'd like to add a calendar with all student and staff birthdays; also I would look into playing happy birthday along with this calendar. I also think it would be fun to add music at certain times on the display.

    Are there any features or templates that would make Rise Vision's software better for you or your staff?

    The only template I usually use is the webpage widget. I have never been trained on how to create anything for the board; I have learned everything by trial and error. I was told I would be doing this job, so I started playing.

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