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How to Use CAP Alerts with Digital Signage

CAP Alerts

From notification about an active shooter on campus to a severe weather warning, nobody wants to see alerts on a display. Alerts mean there is an impending danger on campus. When done correctly, however, the dire news that alerts may bring can save thousands of lives.

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Rise Vision Alerts provides the ability for a Rise Vision Company to receive emergency alerts from a 3rd party Common Alert Protocol provider, such E2Campus or Rave, and immediately show them across any or all of your Displays. All you need to get started is a Rise Vision account and a CAP provider.

It’s easy to set up. The illustration below shows you how it works:

  1. Something happens that triggers your CAP provider to create an alert.
  2. The alert is sent from your CAP provider.
  3. The alert provider is plugged into your account.
  4. Alert is shown on any display set up with the alert.

how alerts work on digital sigangeTo walk you through how to set up alerts on your display(s), we have a help article. While it is possible to implement an alert into a presentation you build from scratch, the easiest way is to use one of our pre-built templates. If you aren’t quite sure how templates work, this post will show you. You can see the templates below.


Alert Templates for Digital Signage

If you have a CAP provider, you can use the template below

CAP Alert digital sigange

Use this template in your digital signage

If you don’t have a CAP provider, you can use the template below to create a custom alert

emergency alert on digital signage

Use this template in your digital signage

If you’ve had an emergency on your campus that has triggered a warning to display on your digital signage, we’d love to hear how it worked--contact us here to tell us about it.

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