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    20+ Ways Schools Can Use Twitter

    20 Ways Schools Can Use Twitter

    Both students and educators alike are using the social platform to connect and interact with one another. 

    If you’re stumped on what your school should post, here are 20+ suggestions (if you are stumped on what to post on your digital signage, check out these 50+ ideas )--and if you are a teacher looking for ideas, check out 20+ ideas just from teachers :

    1. Due Dates

    One of the most popular ways administrators and teachers alike use Twitter is to post due dates of upcoming events, tests, and assignments.

    2. Alerts

    Post alerts, such as school cancellations due to weather.

    3. Share Accomplishments

    Show your pride in both students and staff by sharing their accomplishments.

    4. Fundraising

    If your school is doing a fundraiser, don’t just announce it--find a hashtag to go with it. Encourage anyone talking about the fundraiser to use that hashtag.

    5. Live-Tweet Field Trips

    Twitter is a great way to keep parents connected; when students go on field trips, encourage them to live-tweet, so parents can follow their adventure.

    6. Tweet homework

    Give parents an easy way to keep up-to-date on what their children should be working by tweeting out what the homework is and when it is due.

    7. Subscribe to Hashtags

    Twitter tools such as TweetDeck let you follow specific hashtags; this is an excellent way to stay in the no about topics of interest to your school or education in general.

    8. Post Educational Resources

    There are thousands of free resources for both parents, students and staff alike; make sure you are sharing them often!

    9. Marry Your Twitter Account to Other Social Platforms

    Save yourself a lot of work by syncing your Twitter account across all of your social platforms--so you post once and it goes everywhere.

    10. Chat

    Twitter isn’t just a place to post what’s on your mind; it’s a place where you can chat with others. Use hashtags to network with like minded educators.

    11. Create a School Hashtag

    Create a unique hashtag just for your school; it’s a way for parents, students and staff to ask questions and connect.

    12. Lunch Menu

    Post your daily lunch menu

    13. Job Openings

    Give people who follow your school a first chance at seeing any job openings.

    14. Tweet Your RSS

    Use a service like TwitterFeed to send your schools RSS feed to Twitter automatically.

    15. School Newspaper

    Turn the school newspaper of the past into something modern, but having students post campus news, events, and standings in sports.

    16. Twitter for Sports

    Tweet your schools sports scores and standings regularly.

    17. Picture of the Day

    Use Instagram to post a picture of the day, and then feed it automatically into Twitter and encourage followers to comment on it.

    18. Quotable Moments

    Highlight school board meetings by tweeting memorable quotes; if the person who said it, make sure and include their handle.

    19. #educhat

    One of the largest educational hashtags is #educhat. Use it to network with other schools and administrators.

    20. Twitter List

    The days of having 1000s of people you follow in no particular order are long gone; today Twitter let’s you create lists, which helps you group and stay in the no with different people; create lists for faculty, staff, alumni or anything else you want to follow.

    21. Library Additions

    Your library probably gets new books often; keep students interested by posting new books that they can check out.

    If you are looking for other ways to engage your students through digital signage, check out these posts:

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