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Digital Calendar Wall

Digital calendar walls are the perfect solution for keeping people informed of important dates, events and holidays. And being digital means they can be easily updated, animated and refreshed as often as you need to.

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Digital Calendar Wall

Rise Vision is a worldwide leader in digital signage software and templates. We have numerous digital calendar wall solutions that can be used in schools, universities, hospitals, and offices.


Why go digital?

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Save Hours Of Time

Traditional paper wall calendars are often dimensionally small and are difficult to update. You’re usually left with a 1” x 1” square to write in information. Unless your penmanship is superb, that information can be hard to read and the worst part is - you can’t make a mistake!

Digital calendar walls are easy to update and automatically display the correct date. Once installed, there’s no need to replace the calendar at the end of the year or need to copy information over to a new calendar. They save hours of time by reducing workload and errors.

Here’s how it works:


1. Pick a template

To get started, sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account, then pick a template and customize it.


2. Activate your display

Connect your display and media player, then enter your activation code to start viewing your template.


3. Keep it interesting

Add new templates from our weekly recommendations

Communicate better, fast!


Digital Calendar Walls For K-12 Schools and Universities

School-Wide Alignment

School-Wide Alignment

Schools are an excellent venue for digital calendar walls. The need to inform a campus body of important dates and announcements are critical for school-wide alignment and communication. Digital calendar walls allow school administrators and/or IT staff to update and maintain a consistent school calendar and announcement wall from one location. There’s no need to update multiple calendar wall locations around a school campus. It can all be done from one centralized online account.

Digital Calendar Walls For Classrooms

Great For Classrooms

More specifically, classrooms are great settings for digital calendar wall. Digital calendar walls save teachers hours a year by reducing the need to manually update class calendar information, copy information over again, and they prevent class vandals from erasing and changing important information.

Another benefit of having digital calendar walls in the classroom is that they allow teachers to take advantage of other digital signage features such as:

- In class trivia
- Class and school announcements
- Emergency alerts / CAP alert notifications

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Digital Calendar Walls For Offices

Company Alignment

Company Alignment

Company alignment is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. And calendars play a central part in any company alignment campaign.

Keep Everyone Informed

Keep Everyone Informed

Having a digital calendar wall visible around your office or office locations, everyone in the company can be informed on important dates and events. Additionally, company announcements, mission statements, and values can be included on the calendar wall rotation.

Centralized Administration And Communication

Centralized Administration And Communication

Calendar walls and digital signage displays can be placed in individual office suites as well as building lobbies and foyers. All displays can be controlled from one Rise Vision account, with no need for adjusting displays individually.

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Digital Calendar Walls for Financial Institutions and Trading Firms

Financial Digital Signage Templates

Great Addition To Our Financial Templates

Rise Vision is a digital signage leader in the financial sector. We’re well known for our financial ticker and trading templates. However, all Rise VIsion digital signage setups can also display wall calendars in addition to financial digital signage templates. All templates can be programmed to work in rotation with other templates.

Digital Calendar Wall Templates

All the calendar templates below can be accessed through the Rise Vision templates section.

Events Calendar Digital Signage Template

An events calendar is a great way to keep everyone informed.

Events Calendar

Our digital events calendar template is perfect for any school, business or organization that wants to display a feed-style calendar on a wall, lobby or foyer. The calendar dates are presented in a vertical feed and provide an area for a description. A right-hand column is sectioned off for inspirational quotes that update daily.

Daily Announcements Calendar Digital Signage Template

Keep your audience updated with daily announcements.

Daily Announcements Calendar

This calendar template updates daily based on the day’s date. An area of an important message for the day is provided and spans the entire width of the display. This template allows a school, business or organization to upload their logo and Twitter handle (username).

School Calendar

This digital calendar is a high-contrast, school-themed digital signage template. It’s perfect for school lobbies, entrance hallways, and administration offices. The calendar entries are displayed in a vertical feed that progresses throughout the week.

Foyer Calendar

Our foyer calendar is the perfect solution for any school, office or building foyer where you’d like to display important calendar information and announcements to incoming visitors and regulars alike.

Announcements Calendar (Sports Themed)

This wall calendar is best suited for school athletics buildings, complexes, and gymnasiums. Keep your campus aware of upcoming games, competitions, and tryouts. This template doesn’t need to be isolated to one area of a school campus. All templates can be displayed on any displays running Rise Vision software.

Celebrate Diversity Calendar

This calendar automatically updates monthly to present information pertaining to that month’s diversity focus. This template can be interchanged with other announcement style templates if there’s no diversity focus on a particular month.

Advent / Christmas Calendar

For many people, Christmas is certainly worth counting down for. This Advent / Christmas digital calendar wall does just that and even has room for some humor!

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