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    User Tips and Tricks 2 - Configuring Linux Ubuntu Players Part 2

    Configuring Linux Ubuntu Players

    Last week we discussed getting Linux Ubuntu installed on your Display, now let's go over tweaking it and installing the Rise Vision Player on it.

    Open System Settings, go to"Brightness and Lock" and set it so the screen never turns off or dims. Next, go to "Displays" and ensure you have the correct resolution selected. Finally, go to "Power" and set it to never go into a suspended state.

    Using the default browser, log into Rise Vision then follow these steps:

    1. Create a new Display in your Company.
    2. Download the Linux installer.

    Once the installation file has been downloaded, right click on it and choose Properties. On the Permissions tab, check “Allow executing file as a program”. Now double click on the installer file, and choose the “Run in Terminal” option so you can watch the installation progress.

    Once the installer has downloaded and installed all the necessary files, the Player will start up automatically and you will begin seeing content on your Display.

    Next week we will complete our "Configuring Linux Ubuntu" series with some quick troubleshooting tips for Linux Displays. If you have any questions, please let us know in the forum. Thanks!

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