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    Converting Powerpoint to Digital Signage Using Google Drive

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    This entry is an update using the new Editor and Google Drive

    Today we will go over what to do when you already have an existing Powerpoint Presentation that you want to display on your digital signage.

    powerpoint presentation

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    Upload your PowerPoint presentation to Google Drive. Once complete, go to your Presentation in Slides Slides button

    Uploading a PowerPoint Presentation to Google Docs is easy, but there is one setting you want to ensure is set correctly first. You need to ensure that it is set to Public.

    In the Slides section choose the right Slide (previously, your PowerPoint presentation) then ensure that it is set to 'Publish to the web'.

    How to set the slide to Publish for the Web

    That way you can make your content visible to the web. This is important in ensuring that the content is visible on the Display/s. Once this is done, go to the Embed section and copy the embed code like below:

    How to copy the embed code

    Go to the Editor and if you have not done so already, add or go to the free HTML Widget that you are using for this Presentation:

    HTML WIdget in the Editor

    Copy and paste the embed code:

    copy and paste the embed code in the Editor

    And there you go! Save and preview the Presentation to ensure that the new digital signage is appearing as you intend it to.

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