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    Rise Vision Digital Signage Success Plan

    Rise Vision Digital Signage Success Plan

    Most schools struggle to communicate with students, staff, parents, and administrators. We have helped thousands of schools like yours solve this problem. We’ll step you through how to communicate better and get the maximum return on your digital signage.

    Communicating with students, staff, parents, and administrators is hard. Everything competes for their attention and cutting through that noise is difficult. To get their attention you need amazing eye-catching content on your displays.

    We’ve found that most schools don’t have the resources they need to create content that “wows”. And understandably so, schools are not in the business of digital design - but we are! We have an entire team of designers who focus on creating amazing content for schools.

    Our library has hundreds of templates that you can pick from. The templates can easily be branded with your logo and colors to make them your own. And the best part, we add more every week!

    You also need a canvas for these amazing designs and that’s where your displays come in... Displays are like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location! Deciding where to put your displays to best get your messages in front of everyone is critical. We’ve found the following locations present some of the best viewing opportunities.

    School entrance announcement digital signage template

    School hallway teacher spotlight digital signage


    Perhaps the best location to reach as many people as possible - welcome them as they come into the building and communicate important announcements and upcoming events.


    Once in the building continue to reach your audience as they move between classes all day long. Recognize teachers for all they do, highlight student achievements, and share pictures of events and everyday life around school.

    Classroom rules digital signage template

    School office digital signage template


    Show classroom rules, emergency alerts, important announcements, and highlight students on interactive displays in classrooms when they aren’t being used for instruction.


    The office is the perfect place to share a message from the principal or superintendent, greet parents and visitors, and make a great impression.

    School cafeteria lunch menu digital signage template

    School sports digital signage template


    Help your students make the important decision of what they’re having for lunch and keep them informed of important announcements.


    Take advantage of one of your school’s most visited locations to highlight upcoming sporting events and encourage the values your school aspires to.

    School library digital signage template

    School auditorium student spotlight digital signage template


    An ideal place to share books to read, famous quotes, automatically updating educational content, and messages about online safety, anti-bullying, and being kind.


    Showcase student achievements, profiles, upcoming shows, ceremonies and auditions, and videos of past performances.

    Tip #1: If you haven’t yet, consider our low-cost unlimited displays license. For one flat low price, you can have unlimited displays in each school and simplify your budgeting. The unlimited license makes it cost-effective to have displays in all of the locations in your school, including classrooms! Using Rise Vision in your classrooms is a great way to keep students up to date and maximize your investment in interactive flat panel displays and wireless presentation systems. Contact us to learn more.

    We understand that school staff have many responsibilities and digital signage is typically just one of them. We’ve created the checklist below to help you quickly be successful with Rise Vision. By following this checklist you’ll have amazing templates showing in the best locations in your school, and you’ll be well equipped to keep your displays interesting for years to come!

    Rise Vision Success Plan Checklist

    Account Setup

    Tip #2: if you're interested in using Rise Vision but don't have an emergency alerts provider, we work with Singlewire, Punch Alert, OmnilertRaveAlertus, and CrisisGo.

    Display Setup

    Tip #3: when you create your displays in each school's sub-company, name them using this standard: {district name} - {school name} - {location}. This will allow you to search all of your displays from your district parent company. You can refine your search to see all of the displays in your district, displays in a specific school, or displays in a specific location.

    Presentation Setup

    Tip #4: whenever you have an idea for a template, submit it here and we’ll do our best to get it made for you! Many of our templates were created because of suggestions from our customers.

    Ongoing Success

    • Keep content fresh every week!

    • Regularly collect feedback from staff, parents, and students and use it to improve your digital signage

    • Meet with your Rise Vision Customer Success Rep to share feedback and learn about new improvements, you can reach our customer success team at

    • And if you ever have a technical support question you can reach our team at and we'll get back to you within 1 business hour

    Tip #5: you can use a template to encourage feedback on your digital signage and encourage content submissions!


    Rise Vision Hardware as a Service Solutions 

    Along with creating your communication plan, keeping your digital signage content fresh, and coming up with an effective message, you also have to worry about managing the technology needed to power up your digital signage displays. 

    But not with Rise Vision’s Hardware as a Service offers. We bring you subscription-based all-in-one solutions for your digital signage that come with complete hardware management and support from Rise Vision. By joining a subscription, you can leave the technical aspects of digital signage management to us and focus on communicating your message. 

    Our Rise Vision Media Player Hardware as a Service is a subscription media player with a plug-and-play operation. You can just connect it to your display, Internet, and Rise Vision account and start deploying content immediately. 

    We also have the Avocor R Series Hardware as a Service, which comes with a display and built-in media player to simplify your hardware setup and management. This solution does not require an external media player, reducing costs and streamlining message deployment. 

    Contact us today to learn more about our Hardware as a Service solutions.

    Keep your displays interesting - pick new templates every week!

    Every week, we send Template recommendations that will make you look great and improve your audience experience. And the best part, they save up to 16 hours of content creation time every week.

    Not convinced? Check out the email we sent last week.