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    Restaurant Digital Signage at Kamado Grill

    Restaurant Digital Signage at Kamado Grill

    What is a Kamado Grill?

    “A traditional Japanese wood- or charcoal-fired earthen vessel used as a stove or oven.” -Wikipedia

    Kamado Grille is a restaurant based in Raleigh North Carolina founded by two friends, Tom Allen and Joe Dunn. They wanted to take the feeling of a backyard cookout indoors, and share that experience with as many people as possible.

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    Digital Signage Restaurant

    How’d They Do It?

    Kamado Grille is built on a few principles: great service, amazing food, the atmosphere of a cookout and technology. By using natural wood, stone, trees and fire, they brought the outdoors in. The restaurant feels as though you were in your neighbour’s backyard. And using technology, they have added a digital experience that features online booking, iPads, cameras and digital signage.

    restaurant digital signage

    But, you can’t build a great digital experience without the experts.

    Restaurant Digital Signage Strategy

    Kamado Grille wanted to create a restaurant full of technology, one where you can book your reservation online, order through an iPad, and be immersed in the grill experience. To create the digital signage aspect of this experience, Kamado Grille hired No Static AV.

    No Static is an audio visual (AV) Installation and Rental company based in Burbank, California with installations all across North America. They provide services to a wide range of venues, including movie theaters, night clubs, hotels and restaurants.

    Kamado Grille wanted two video walls and two displays behind the bar. All the displays cycle through different videos showing the grills they use, featured promotional material and live video feeds from five HD cameras they have set up in their demo kitchen.

    For this installation, No Static used Samsung UE46D displays, and each video wall is made up of 4 of displays. Powering the displays are Mac Mini computers running Rise Vision.

    The 5 HD cameras go into an HDMI switcher that is controlled by an iPad and a RTI processor. The Mac Minis and three Direct TV receivers are also running into the switcher. This allows Kamado Grille to send any content to any display in the restaurant.

    Content That Excites

    Kamado Grille wanted content that would excite, that created a sense of WOW in every customer that entered the restaurant. Their displays feature funny videos, quizzes, instructional videos, promo materials, and the coolest of them all, a live video feed of their demo kitchen. The live feed lets customers watch as the chefs cook meals right on the grills.

    Digital signage content needs to grab attention or it doesn’t work. Kamado Grille definitely does it right.

    The partnership between Kamado Grille and No Static is a great example of how a creative vision and the right people can build amazing digital signage experiences using Rise Vision. Next time you find yourself in Raleigh, North Carolina, be sure to check out Kamado Grille and send us a picture of the signage!

    Want to see how more restaurants use digital signage? Check out our Restaurant Customers page with past clients, use cases, and the benefits of digital signage for restaurants, bars, and lounges!

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