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Free Interactive Video Template for Just about Anything

Free Interactive Video Template for Just about Anything

Digital Signage HTML Video TemplateWe just released a completely free, open-source interactive video template for web designers and HTML tinkerers everywhere.

The interactive video template grabs attention by using high contrast navigation icons, and a set of videos in playlist. The modern visual design, subtle animation and transitions are great for getting people to interact with your presentation. You can quickly customize the template with just a bit of HTML knowledge and start showing great content today.

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This new template is completely open source. Please head over to the Github repo and find instructions for how to use the video template here. It uses the Rise Storage Web Component, a smart way to pull videos directly from Rise Storage. The template is also fully responsive and will work on any device. Check out the demo here.

Seven most popular open-source HTML templates you can use

  1. Restaurant Promotion Template
  2. Events Template
  3. Restaurant Promotion Template
  4. School Lunch Template
  5. Retail Template
  6. Teacher Profile Template
  7. School Calendar Template

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