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Follow Your Bracket With Our March Madness Template!

Written by Scott La Counte | Mar 8, 2018 5:22:35 PM

March Madness is upon us! March Madness (which runs from March 13 to April 2) is the biggest college basketball tournament in the United States; over 40 million Americans will sit down and fill out brackets to predict who will win the NCAA Tournament; most of these people fill out two different brackets, which means each year about 70 million brackets are filled out!

Our Creative Team is always looking for ways to help you bring engaging and timely content to your digital signage; so, of course, they made sure and designed a bracket template for March Madness. The madness doesn’t official begin until March 13, but you can get head start by getting your signage scheduled and ready to go as soon as the tournament begins.

The templates capture the thrill of the games by showing a bracket of all of the current teams in the running for the top title. Once a day, the template will be automatically update with up-to-date standings. There’s nothing more for you to do once you have the template scheduled! Even better, these Templates are included with all paid plans.

Exciting and timely content that will turn heads! Zero additional work for you! You’d be mad not to do it! Take a look at the template below, and  show your viewers what they want to see with our March Madness Template.

Not sure how templates work or how to get started? Check out this post that will walk you through the easy steps. You can also watch the tutorial below: 


NCAA Template for Digital Signage

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The men's tournament may get more press, but there's an equally thrilling women's tournament also going on, and our Creative Team has made sure to include a template for this as well.


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Our Creative Team has built a library of pre-made templates for you to update your content faster and easier. Here’s examples of some of our most popular templates:

If these digital signage templates aren’t for you, or if you have ideas for other templates, we’d love to hear about them. We update our template library regularly using input from our users. Drop us a line here.