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Digital signage for schools doesn’t have to be difficult

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Many schools are not having the talk with their students, and it is leaving them unprepared for their future. I’m speaking, of course, of the financial talk: things like spending, investing and saving.

There is a new trend in schools across the country: financial literacy labs. Think of them like computer labs, but instead of using the lab to teach computer software, it’s for teaching business and finance. You can read about one school doing it here.

This month is Financial Literacy Month, so the timing is perfect to get started! Interested in reading more about what’s needed to start a finance lab on a budget? We have a guide here.


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Keep it interesting - create a new Presentation from this week's financial literacy Template recommendations!  

Borrowing and Lending

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Advertising and Marketing

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Wants vs Needs

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Your Kids Deserve It!

You have a chemistry lab - why not a financial literacy lab?

Contact our Education Sales Team to learn how you can create a financial literacy lab where students will be excited to come and learn about personal finance.


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Product Manager

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