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If you're a fan of a dashboard-style display, you're going to love our new Zoned Templates we have for you this week!
Our new Zoned Templates are designed to neatly organize key information into bite-sized sections so your dashboard serves its sole purpose: sharing your messages!
This Zoned Flyer Template combines daily information like weather, news, and calendar events with a space for an 8.5 x 11" flyer.  Drop in as many fliers as you want to create a slideshow of upcoming events, or rotate some portrait orientation images into the mix: 


This Landscape Zoned Template is perfect for organizations with rotating days or block schedules. Identify the block, as well as weather, date, time, and world news, then round it out with the personal touch of a slide show of images of your choice: 



All these Templates also include branded elements to help you get set up even faster - you can read more about branding here.


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