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Today's Playbook is brought to you by our guest: Mat Meiers, Creative Team Lead at Rise Vision.

This week, the Rise Vision Creative Team is sharing an exciting new interactive page on the Rise Vision website to give you even more input on future Template designs, and more insight into the process. Read on for more info!

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👍 Template Recommendations

We also have a new Weather Template for you this week: Full Screen Weather Extended, as requested by Bennington Schools (thanks for the suggestion!).
This full screen weather Template will catch the eye of any passers by with its beautiful design. The Template will show the weather icon and conditions for your location as well as a video background that changes based on current conditions. You can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and add your own logo to personalize!
Full Screen Weather digital signage Template


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Mat Meiers

Creative Team Lead

We guarantee your students will notice or your money back. 

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