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Digital Signs

As we move deeper into the 21st century, everything is going digital, including signage. Digital signage is eye-catching, more flexible and a lot less boring than traditional signage.

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Digital Sign
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Rise Vision has been a leading provider of digital signage solutions since 1992. Our cloud-based solution includes:

  • Digital signage content management
  • Signage scheduling & multiple display operation
  • Thousands of easy-to-use digital signage templates

You’ll find Rise Vision powering digital signage throughout thousands of schools, hospitals, universities, venues and financial firms across North America.

Digital Signs For Schools

Rise Vision is known throughout the U.S. and Canadian school system as being the premier digital signage choice for schools and universities. Browsing our templates gallery, you will find hundreds of digital signage templates for all aspects of campus life: back to school, athletics, upcoming test dates, and more.

Welcome Back Signage

Digitals signs are a great way to greet students back from summer vacation or other holidays. Let them know of important first-week events and changes for the new semester.

Financial Literacy Signage

At Rise Vision, we’ve made it a priority to help schools improve financial literacy across campus. We’ve combined our expertise in both the financial and education sector to provide digital signage templates that help people learn more about saving money, financial markets and how finances work.

Diversity And Awareness Signage

Digital signage can go beyond providing campus information and can be used to spread awareness, inclusiveness and diversity messages. Our Celebrate Diversity digital signage template allows schools to display observances, historical events and other culturally significant matters to the student body.

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Digital Signs For Financial Firms

Rise Vision is the preferred digital signage choice for thousands of financial, brokerage, and trading institutions around the world. Visit our templates section to find the perfect set of financial information templates and tickers. We have an extensive collection of templates that display up to date commodities, agriculture, stocks, currency market information and more.

Zoned Templates Commodities

Digital signage is perfect for banks, finance and investment firms.

Zoned Templates

We have specialized zoned templates for commodities, currencies, and world indices. These templates are designed to provide multiple data visualizations as well as a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Financial Watchlist Digital Signage

Stock watchlist digital signage template.


Our watchlist templates allow you to keep an eye on specific stocks and funds that you like
to watch throughout the day. A real-time stock ticker runs along the bottom of the screen.

Gainers and Losers Digital Signage

NASDAQ gainers and losers digital signage template.

Gainers And Losers

Our gainers and losers templates are popular with those who live to review the largest stock growths and drops throughout the day. This is a popular template for banks, brokerages and financial management firms.

Emergency Alert Signage

Rise Vision is partnered with PunchAlert to provide CAP alerts and emergency notification signage for schools, hospitals, and building complexes. All Rise Vision customers have access to our emergency signage templates. There’s no additional cost to access these templates. We encourage all Rise Vision customers to configure and practice using their emergency signage in conjunction with their emergency notification procedures.

Emergency Alert Signage Template

Digital signage is perfect for high-contrast emergency notifications.

For Storefronts

Why not advertise to window shoppers 24/7? Digital signs allow you to promote your business continually and can be easily updated on-site or remotely. Here are some of the benefits storefront digital signs offer:

  • Display inventory and branding
  • Display open days and times
  • Display customer testimonials
  • Announce upcoming sales
  • Promote social media accounts
  • Promote your online store
  • Educate consumers
  • Highlight employees of the month
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Digital Signs For Venues

Entertainment venues can use digital signage in a myriad of ways: from promoting upcoming events to displaying event seating maps and providing a social media wall. The list of digital signage benefits for venues is a long one:

  • Showtime countdown
  • Wayfinding
  • Directions to restrooms
  • Directions to food and beverage areas
  • Directions to exits
  • Event promotion
  • Artist and performer information
  • Emergency information and notifications
  • In-event social media promotion (e.g. displaying event hashtags)
  • Live feeds
  • Local weather updates
  • Parking and transportation information

Build An Instagram Following

This Rise Vision template is great for any venue that would like to build a large Instagram following. Display moving performances, engaging talks, and eye-catching photos to build a loyal audience.

Get Creative!

The beauty of digital signage is that it provides creative use cases that go beyond just being informational. For example, if you operate an art gallery, you can display the work of resident artists or artwork that is currently on tour away from the gallery.

The Rise Vision template above allows you to add an image and adjust the placeholder to the same size to fit the beveled edges to the artwork. You can also personalize the plaque and signature with the artist’s name and information.

Digital Signs For Hotels

One way to ensure your guests have a pleasant and stress-free stay is to make sure it’s easy for them to get around the hotel premises. Nothing is worse than arriving at a hotel after missing flights and having to wander aimlessly around a hotel trying to find your room at three in the morning. Digital signs solve this problem by displaying clear hotel maps, room groupings and directions to guests. Hotel and wayfinding signage is a key component to keeping high customer reviews.

Keep Guests Informed With Digital Signs

Another benefit of having digital signs prominently displayed throughout your hotel is you can keep guests informed about nearby events, happy hours, dinner specials and more all from one centralized account. This is a great option for hotel and motel chains that need to be able to update signage across multiple locations and geographies.

Digital Signs For Conventions, Conferences And Expos

Digital signs are a must in any convention hall. With thousands of people moving about, networking and trying to get to the next talk or exhibit, the best way to effectively guide them is through digital signs and signage.

Control Everything From A Central Account

Using digital signage software like Rise Vision, all digital signs can be controlled, programmed and updated from one central online account. There’s no need to be at the actual location to manage the conference signage.


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