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Digital Signage Presentation Tips and Tricks

tips and tricks

I thought I would do a Tips and Tricks post about some of the common issues that our Support team comes across in the Platform. It's always the simple things that get you, so hopefully you can think back to this post and fix them before you start pulling your hair out :)

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1. When you need an interactive Digital Signage Presentation, make sure you uncheck the Hide Mouse Pointer checkbox.

If the "Hide Mouse Pointer" checkbox is checked, the mouse will not be usable in your Presentation. If you have an interactive Presentation, you'll want to make sure that this option is unchecked so that users can click all over your Presentation.

2. If your Text item has options entered in HTML, don't make any changes to it in Design view.

If you have certain classes or styles that you have attributed to your text in HTML view, if you go over to Design view and do any editing, such as changing font type or size, you may lose some of the classes and fonts that you have entered in HTML view. Losing all that hard work is never a good thing, so you may want to copy all your HTML code into a separate text editing tool like Notepad or Text Edit, just to make sure you never lose it while you are editing your Text item.

3. If you don't see your image in Design view, make sure you are using the Image Item, not the Image Gadget.

With our recent WYSIWYG Editor release, you'll notice that you can add an Image or Video item instead of using a Gadget. One of the great features with these new items is you can see your image or the first frame of your video in Design view while editing your Presentation. Once we introduced this feature, we got several support questions from users asking why they didn't see their images in Design view, and the reason was because they were still using the Single Image Gadget or the Video Gadget instead of the item. When we introduced the WYSIWYG Editor, we unshared the Single Image and Video Gadget's, but for anyone that is wondering why they don't see their images or videos in Design view, that may be the reason why.

I hope everyone finds those tips helpful, let us know if you have any questions in our Forum.


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