Updates to RiseVision.com

January 14, 2014

Last week we published a few new pages and updates to our website.

Player Download Page

If you need to find the latest version of our Player check out www.risevision.com/player.  Here you will find our new Packaged App for Google Chrome and our latest versions for Linux and Windows.  We are in final testing of our Player with the next versions of Linux and Raspberry Pi so stay tuned for a subsequent post as to when those are officially available.

Updated Platform Tour

We updated the graphics and copy on our Platform Tour page to provide greater insight into why over 1000 accounts are created each month.

Style Sheet

Looking to include our logo or references to our Platform on your website or marketing materials?  Our official logos and colors can be found at http://risevision.com/stylesheet/.

Revised Terms & Conditions

Please take note that we have revised our Service Agreement and these changes are in effective immediately.  You can view our full Terms of Service at http://risevision.com/terms-service-privacy/.