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The Digital Signage Advantage with Rise Vision

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Over the last week or two we have been hit with quite a few more questions about the new product, but after having reviewed all of them I think they could be boiled down to these three:

  • Why is the Rise Vision platform better than it's predecessor, the Rise Display Network application?
  • How does a Network Operator sell this system?
  • Why would an end user want a premium subscription from a Network Operator versus a free subscription?

Without further adieu let's see if I can answer these:

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Why is the Rise Vision platform better than it's predecessor, the Rise Display Network application?

We call it a "platform" rather than an "app" because it let's our Network Operators build niche specific product offerings for their customers on top of it. They don't just use and resell an app, they take advantage of the platform to create a unique offering.

There are no proprietary formats. All content is HTML and more importantly HTML5. Our user interface provides for a simple means for anyone to create Presentations but more importantly any web designer can bypass the editor and create completely customized web pages - if it can be done on the web it can be done on our digital signage. All of the skills that web designers have amassed creating great web experiences are fully transferable to the Rise Vision platform.

You can use this platform to create niche market specific content, wrap it as a Gadget, and make it available to all of your clients, in their Presentations, within the niche market you target. We have given you the means to wrap and package those competitive advantages and make them easily transferrable to all of your clients.

Your Presentations are a web page. Practically anything that runs on the web, is available as a web service, embed or snippet, can be placed in your Presentation. The interoperability possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to leveraging social media and bringing that interaction to your displays.

Your Presentations can be interactive. Any form of touch or remote interface that supports a web page is able to support our Presentations.

Your Presentations are location aware. They know where they are being shown. You can leverage all forms of social media and location based marketing, just place that gadget, widget, web snippet, whatever, into your Presentation and send it to a 1,000 different locations and each location will show what is specifically relevant to where that display is.

Your Presentations are a URL. Send that URL to anyone or link to it from any web page and your intended audience can immediately view that Presentation from their browser. No software to install.

And we took it a step further. Our server manages digital signage. It talks to our user application with the exact same API that we have made available to you at and it serves that content to your displays via that same API, and, it can bundle Gadgets right into your content with our Gadget Extensions API at Our User interface, Viewer and Gadget applications are all open source. You can use any of them to build your own applications. This means that not only can you completely customize your content but you can also wrap it in an app that speaks directly to the market you are after, IF YOU SO CHOOSE. This isn't mandatory and you don't need to start building out apps, it's here, for those who want it.

And to make it even easier, all documentation that we publish is available under a creative commons license. Take what we have done and use it as the basis to document your new app.

And last, but definitely not least. This platform can scale. We built in on the Google Cloud Platform which means that we never, ever, have to worry about server loads and international access points. Roll out as many displays as you want, wherever you want.

How does a Network Operator sell this system?

Take advantage of all of the above and provide your clients with a product that no one else can. A product that speaks specifically to your client's needs and what they want to do.

Why would an end user want a premium subscription from a Network Operator versus a free subscription?

Free subscriptions only update once per day, they have no support, and they are advertising sponsored. You provide provide premium subscriptions that update nearly instantly, that are fully supported by you, you bring all of the above customization to the client and any or all of the following; consulting, procurement, deployment, training, creative, ad management, monitoring, support, on-site maintenance and customized development. We don't do this. Free subscriptions don't provide this. Free subscriptions just provide a very easy way for someone to learn what's possible and if they are serious about digital signage they are going to need the expertise of a Network Operator to roll it out and manage it.

One last point. The beta roll-out to existing Network Operators starts next Tuesday.

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