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Rise Vision Product Update: Display Improvements

Rise Vision Product Update Display Improvements

The most important thing for us at Rise Vision is to empower organizations to improve their communications strategy.

We want business owners, school administrators, marketing managers, and everyone in between to have everything they need to communicate with and engage their audience in the most effective way.

Part of that means continuously working to make our platform easier to use. Today, we took it one step further to making it even better with our newest feature release.

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Displays List Improvements

To make our system more intuitive, we implemented some improvements to the Displays List of the App. The most notable change is that we now show the name and a link to the Schedule that each Display is associated with, making it easier to know what is playing on the Display.

Displays list in Rise Vision

We’ve also improved accessibility, by adding different shapes for icons to differentiate online and offline statuses of displays. As shown in the image above, we now have a checkmark to indicate an online status and an “x” for when a display is offline. We used to have a circle icon for both states before, which caused some confusion.

New Install Player Pop Up

We’ve also added a new pop up to make it easier for users to download and install a Player when the Display has not been activated yet.

download player in rise vision displays list

Display Screenshot

This is another exciting part of the update, as simple as it might seem.

We know how important it is to users to verify that their displays are running the correct content. We also know that our users don’t have the time to run around and check their displays, and it’s not always necessarily possible.

The way it used to work in Rise Vision, is that users had to be physically in front of a display to verify what was playing. It gets pretty frustrating when you’re trying to look at multiple displays, or if they are scattered and not in close proximity!

Starting now, you’re able to request a screenshot of what is being currently displayed by the device.

screenshot in rise vision displays list

This will make verifying content so much easier.

You can also remotely reboot your device and restart the Player. We hope this helps everyone save time.

What Do You Think About These Updates to Rise Vision?

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know!

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