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Retail Digital Signage at Rifle Gear

Founded in 2006, Rifle Gear is a family-owned business that prides itself on offering a wide selection of tactical firearms and accessories at reasonable prices, with prompt and courteous customer service. They recently opened their Plano, Texas store, and have set up digital signage throughout.

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Digital Signage Content Management Platform

Rifle Gear has deployed 5 electronic screens throughout their Plano, Texas location using our free digital signage platform, Rise Vision, which is built on the Google App Engine and is available through the Chrome Web Store.

By using our platform, Rifle Gear can choose to either let each store manage their own content, or manage it all centrally. It also gives them the ability to set restrictions on certain users accounts to ensure that the correct content is being displayed and no issues arise.

The signs serve a number of purposes, such as informing customers of new offers, promotions and marketing content, as well as showing training class schedules by using Google Spreadsheets and custom code to pull all the required information from their databases.

Powering their Retail Digital Signage

Rifle Gear is using Google Chromeboxes to power their digital signage. Chromeboxes are quick to boot, and can handle all kinds of different content well. The Chromeboxes are small-form-factor and have low power consumption, making them ideal for small business who are trying to keep costs down.

gun store digital signage example

Why Digital Signage For Retail?

In today's world, digital signage is a must for retail trying to compete with online shopping and other businesses. Digital signage can cut down on time and costs, because it is easy and fast to update content. And the content that you can display is far more engaging than a printed poster.

“Studies have found that stores that put digital signs near the checkout have seen sales increases of as much as 33 percent.”1

Digital signage is a great way to engage with existing and prospective customers. And Rifle Gear is a great example of a retail store doing just that. They’re also a good example for how you can use digital signage for more than just promotions. They display training class schedules, and sales information to keep employees and customers informed.

Want to see how more businesses use digital signage? Check out our Business Customers page with past clients, use cases, and the benefits of digital signage for both corporate and small businesses!

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