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Protecting Grocery Store Workers and Visitors with COVID-19 Safety Signs

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In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (or coronavirus), it's important to communicate the critical steps that must be taken to stay safe at your grocery store. Whether it's shoppers on the grocery store floor, grocery store employees, or warehouse and distribution staff, regularly reminding people how stay safe is necessary to keep hygiene practices top of mind for all.

COVID-19 Safety Signs are a great way to keep people informed at your grocery store. We've made a collection of COVID-19 Safety Signs you can download for free to show on your digital displays, or to print in hang in high traffic areas, at the checkout line, or in employee break rooms.

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The COVID-19 Safety Signs are available in French, English, and Spanish and are .png files so they can easily be formatted to fit your needs. They're also available in both landscape and portrait orientations:

COVID Wash Hands FreeDownload Free COVID-19 Safety Signs


Existing Rise Vision Customers

If you’re a Rise Vision subscriber, you can add these animated COVID-19 safety signs to your existing digital Displays by clicking below:

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Existing Rise Vision customers:
Add COVID-19 Safety Signs to Your Display
COVID Cover Cough Portrait
Existing Rise Vision customers:Add COVID-19 Safety Signs to Your Display

Continuing the conversation of proper safety measures is crucial to keeping customers and employees safe at your grocery store. The COVID-19 Safety Signs are a great way to keep public health and well-being in check.

Download Free COVID-19 Safety Signs


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