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Player Professional Just Got a Lot Better

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Rise Vision is built for all types of users; for our power users who need the most professional tools for their digital signage, we have Player Professional--and today it just got a lot more powerful!

We have two new features now available to all Player Professional Displays:

  1. Display Monitoring
  2. Twitter

Display monitoring emails you anytime your display has gone down. Without it running you are relying on others to report when a monitor isn’t running properly, which might take days. To make sure you aren’t missing out on days of your audience not seeing your message, make sure and see our display monitoring help article--it takes less than a minute!

The second feature is one we’ve been asked for a lot, and one every school certainly needs: Twitter. This feature is a widget that can be plugged into any presentation to show the latest Tweets from any public Twitter account; it’s a great way to show news, sports highlights, and announcements. To help you get started quickly, our Creative Team has put together a set of templates, which are included with any paid plan. These templates make it easy to have Twitter running on your display in less than a minute!

Over the next coming weeks, we will be releasing our software for Chrome OS and adding a brand new widget for Google Slides that makes it even easier to turn your presentations into digital signage. Check our community and blog regularly to stay up-to-date on all the latest new features that will make your digital signage even more dynamic.

We love hearing from our users and learning about what they need to achieve their digital signage goals. If there’s a feature you’d like to see, post a suggestion in our community!

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