Partner Story: Cenique Infotainment

April 23, 2015

Cenique Infotainment is the Hong Kong-based manufacturer of a wide range of Android media players. Their players have become increasingly popular with Rise Vision users because of their low cost and ease of use.

"Today, news is abundant about partnerships and synergies and how these relationships are meant to benefit customers. Nothing could be truer than when talking about the customer benefits of the Rise Vision and Cenique Digital Signage solution,” said Ron Levac, President, USA Division at Cenique Infotainment Group  “Not only are our 2 companies offering the best value in digital signage today, but the high level of collaboration also provides customers with a seamless experience.  Satisfied and repeat Rise Vision customers have been instrumental to the growth of Cenique."


Prior to this partnership, many of our Rise Vision users were requesting support for the Android platform. The problem we faced was that we didn’t have the development resources to build and maintain support for a new OS. To fill this gap, Cenique started building media players preconfigured with the Rise Vision player.

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Cenique selected Android Open Source for its media players to take advantage of all the technology advances that have occurred with smartphones and tablets and apply this to digital signage. When you compare Cenique to legacy PC digital signage technology, Cenique’s commercial-grade Android players are fully-featured, small, low power, solid-state and less expensive. This introduced the possibility of expanding digital signage to new markets like the SME (small medium sized enterprise) market that would likely self-deploy and would be interested in plug and play solutions that are pre-loaded with CMS (content management system) software such as Rise Vision.

To make these media players useful to our user base, Cenique custom-developed the playback Android software for the Rise Vision platform. They also created a great library of widgets that users can access in our platform. These include PowerPoint, RSS feeds, video, and YouTube widgets. They are continuing to expand their library of widgets, and are working on some very interesting new projects. Stay tuned ...

Cenique offers three different media players:

  1. A small form factor Android stick, which is inexpensive and perfect for 720p low-motion content. Available here.
  2. A step up from the stick is their Micro media player which packs a little more punch and can run 1080p content. Available here.
  3. Their most powerful media player is the C410, which can provide smooth transitions for all 1080P HD content plus the capability to play up to 3 videos simultaneously. Available here.
  4. And for those interested in low-cost touch screens, Cenique also offers a plug and play touch screen pre-configured with the Rise Vision player. Available here.


Our partnership with Cenique continues to lower the barrier to entry of digital signage. The combination of their easy-to-use media players and our free digital signage software is a great choice for small to medium businesses looking to create an impressive digital signage network.