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Join Us at Dsrupted!

We’re proud to be one of the event sponsors for DSrupted 2015, a conference in Toronto this fall that’s focused on disruptive technologies in digital signage and advertising. It’s set for Sept. 16th in downtown Toronto, at the TELUS Conference Centre.

The unique one-day conference brings together subject-matter experts to talk about emerging technologies and trends that are re-shaping the business of running content and advertising on distributed networks of digital screens - for retail, advertising and business communications.

Unlike many conferences packed with speakers and short talks, each DSrupted presenter has a full hour to explore their topic, with 15 minutes planned-in for plenty of question and answer time.

The themes and speakers for DSrupted 2015:

  • Data-driven Content: Martin Porter, Group Director of Posterscope, will talk about how real-time data from multiple sources dramatically alters the possibilities for digital out of home advertising networks - making it possible to tailor 1,000s of campaign messages to location, time, context and moment. Posterscope’s Liveposter service has done groundbreaking campaigns recently for brands such as Microsoft and Pimm’s.
  • Data Visualization: Mike Pell, a Designer and Envisioned with Microsoft, is coming from Seattle to talk about how live and real-time data can be organized and visualized to create stunning, high-impact content and creative for digital screens.
  • Internet of Things: Stephen Eyre runs the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem for TELUS, which is one of Canada’s largest telecoms companies.  He’ll clear the fog on what IoT is all about, and what it means for signage. There’s connective tissue there, as data-driven content and data viz don’t really happen without IoT data.
  • Content Reimagined: Brad Parler is coming up from Houston to talk about the brilliant work he’s done on corporate communications with, and outline the broader idea and techniques that can re-imagine normally bland business communications.
  • Future of Displays: OLED? Quantum dots? E-paper? Laser projection? James Robinson, Senior Director, Research and Innovation, at Christie Digital Systems, will talk about where display technology is headed over the next 5-10 years.

The first DSrupted conference in Sept. 2014 generated universally positive reviews for the content, format and venue.

Like last year, an industry mixer for networking will be organized for the evening of Sept. 15th, ahead of the conference.

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Tickets include lunch and access to all sessions through the day. They are $345, but attendees can save $50 by getting early-bird tickets before the end of this month.

Registration is online at

Dave Haynes at Sixteen-Nine has been doing interviews with the speakers which you can find here:

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