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January 17, 2013














The Palace Promenade shopping center (http://www.palacepromenade.nl) in the Dutch seaside resort town of Scheveningen is using Rise Vision’s digital signage platform to communicate with shoppers, promote its retail tenants and recover some operating costs through third-party advertising.

Working with interactive developer Bart Boutens (http://www.bartboutens.nl) and the media sales firm MediaMoving BV, the mall has screens set in portrait mode at key mall locations. Split into three zones, the screens include video windows bisected by a shopper messaging ticker.

Marketing to shoppers

Scheveningen is an internationally-known resort town on the Dutch coast, near Rotterdam. Palace Promenade promotes the attractive idea of “shopping by the sea” and has a wide variety of shops, cafes and services within the mall footprint.

Palace Promenade has installed three screens to date and focused on central areas and a screen suspended above the escalators in a main entry.

The presentation allocates a main video and graphics window to MediaMoving for media sales, promoting such things as a local casino, while a second window is used for promotions. The presentation also uses Rise gadgets for the time, local weather and news.

Using Rise

Developer Bart Boutens is happy he found Rise Vision, particularly since managing the system tied in so well with web HTML and creative work he does.

“The product is a beautiful, convenient and easy system,” says Boutens. “For me, it's Photoshop under narrowcasting systems. It’s very easy to add files and screens, to connect to your network, and ensure that everything is up to date.”

“Using Rise Vision is for both me and my clients an easy extension piece to our business activities.”

Photo: Palace Promenade
Scheveningen, Netherlands

Twitter: @PalacePromenade

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