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Digital Signage Templates Of The Week – Corporate Templates

Corporate Digital Signage Templates

For our final template highlight we are featuring three corporate templates. These templates are available in the presentations page of the Rise Vision platform. The templates are great for office and hotel lobbies, universities, and more.

Corporate Portrait & Landscape Template

This corporate template uses a large background image to grab attention. It features a clock, and text box to cycle through three messages. It is built using the image, clock, and text widgets.

This template is built with the text, headline news, RSS, clock, text scroller, and financial table widgets. All the widgets are available in the Rise Vision platform. It is great for a business environment whether in the lobby of an office, business school, or hotel.

Corporate Landscape Digital Signage Template

This template uses a large image at the top to make it visually appealing and break up content. On the bottom it has the financial table, world news, and clock widgets. Similar to the above template it is great for business and university environments.


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