Digital Signage Template Of The Week – Hotel Template

May 13, 2015

We have added 3 more digitals signage templates to our platform. This week we are featuring 3 templates for hotels.

Hotel Portrait: This hotel template is perfect for the lobby or main congregation areas of any hotel. Although it could be customized for a number of different uses, such as casinos, and restaurants. Similar to the two templates below it is built using our image, text, and clock widgets.


Hotel Landscape 2: This hotel template can be used in a variety of different settings, and could easily be customized for a restaurant or school. It is built using the image, text, and clock widgets. It is available in the Rise Vision platform.



Hotel Landscape 1: This hotel template is designed for use in a ski resort, but it could easily be customized for a variety of different uses. Built with image widgets, text widgets, and the world clock widget. It is editable within the Rise Vision platform


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