Digital Signage, Open Source, and Higher Education

July 15, 2015

Recently, Jonathan a user of our platform posted in our community. He was sharing some of the content he built for the digital signage network at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). I reached out asking if it would be possible to do a story on how they use Rise Vision. Jonathan replied with a great explanation of how he has used Rise Vision to completely reinvigorate his campus digital signage. His explanation is far better than what my interpretation would have been. So, I decided to publish it for everyone to see.

Last year I was tasked with updating our campus digital signage.  It had been left to die, running a few boring slides on an endless loop.  With nearly twenty displays throughout the campus, this was an incredible waste of resources and advertising potential.


After weeks of research and a very limited budget, I made my proposal to the campus president, to which he agreed.  In part because it was so very cost effective, but mostly because it represented a new era at our campus.  In short, we added five new displays and switched to Rise Vision.

Our 25 displays range from 55” – 65” and all use the NUC i3’s as media players, running Windows 7.  We only briefly used the native rise player, switching early on for the web app player (then still in beta).  Since the outset, we have had very few technical problems.  The ones we did have were solved quickly, aided by the best community of users and the dynamite efforts of Rise employees like Ryan, Ray, Blake, Alex, Donna, and Robb.


It took some time to really “understand” how Rise works, or rather, how to make Rise work for you.  But now it has become a truly powerful tool for disseminating information and creating dynamic and engaging content.  Limited only by my own creativity, I often find myself contemplating new ways to incorporate anything I want – live streams, animations, podcasts, etc.


What Rise Vision has also done for our campus is shifted the antiquated and suffocating mindset behind proprietary software and its role at our university. Albeit abstract, the paradigm change within our institution to take a risk greatly outweighs the actual digital signage service.  Open-source software, although not without limitations, has fostered creativity and facilitated collaboration at Cuyahoga Community College.


Now, the floodgates have opened at our school.  Not a week goes by that I don’t get a call from another campus, department, or administrator asking questions about our digital signage.  Rise is slowing becoming our institutional choice for digital signage.  Might I add, our university has six locations in northeast Ohio and serves over 60,000 students a year!

Thank you for offering what is both a cost-effective and top-notch digital signage solution.  Keep up the good work.

You guys rock.

Jonathan Tarnai


As an employee of Rise Vision It is amazing seeing what everyone in our community creates. If you have content or a story that you would like to share please shoot me an email ( or post in our user community.

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