Creating Digital Signage Content Markets

September 15, 2010

Okay. We created a platform that uses HTML and Google Gadgets, has an API and is open sourced, so anyone with web design experience can create great content for digital signage - mobile displays - DOOH, whatever we want to call it. We're done. Nuff said. Awesome.

Actually, not quite, we missed something. If we provide the means to create great content, then we need to provide the means to share it, and get paid for it, because the best way to support and encourage creation is to make sure that creators are funded.

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So how do we do this? We could create a marketplace, take control of it, approve everything that goes in it and take a commission. Sounds familiar? Very centrally controlled, megalomanic, in a certain style of a guy who wears jeans and a black turtleneck. Don't get me wrong, I am a walking Apple billboard as I sit here on my MacPro, with iPad beside me and iPhone within reach, but I can't stand how they lock me in. So why would I want to do that to our community. I wouldn't. So I won't.

Instead, we want to open our API to allow anyone to create markets of content (Presentations and Gadgets for now) that they can showcase, users can freely browse and preview, and if they like it, all they have to do is authenticate so that we can find their account, users pays the price to market provider, whatever that may be, and voila, the content moves to their company ready for them to use it on their Displays.

It's that simple. We wanted to make it really complicated but we couldn't come up with anything else. How user pays content provider is up to the content provider to establish. We just provide the API to authenticate and move content between accounts.

What do you think? Are we missing anything?