Content Scheduling

August 17, 2010

In the comments of a previous post Avi had asked what the content scheduling capabilities of the Rise Vision platform are and I realized that we haven't touched on this far. So here goes...

In the new digital signage platform Presentations are not scheduled directly with Displays. Instead we have something called, funny enough, a Schedule. A Schedule is the appointment between a Display and one or more Presentations and, something new - URL's (web pages). It is important to note this point about URL's. You can use this feature to bypass our editor and just schedule web pages for Displays if you ever want to.

Every Schedule has a Timeline (when it should show) and a Distribution (where it should show). TImelines and Distributions are common building blocks used throughout the system and you will hear these references often.

And you can further filter the Timelines for each item - a Presentation or URL - that you add to the Schedule. So for example I may have a Schedule of two items - a URL that shows every day and on Monday's I have a Presentation that shows for 1 minute every 20 minutes.

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And within a Presentation itself I can further filter the Timelines and Distributions to get very specific about what shows when and where. For any Content that I add to a Presentation I can specify the Timeline and Distribution for it and if the Content is made up of a Playlist of one or more Gadgets I can further filter when and where each Gadget should show up.

The important point to remember is the hierarchy of Timelines and Distributions. They start at the very top with with a Schedule, then the Presentations and URL's within that Schedule, and within the Presentation the Content and within the Content individual Playlist Items. And as you move down the hierarchy you can filter out Displays and Times of showing. Just remember you can't add, you can only take out. If the Schedule only goes to 4 Displays on Monday's you can't have a Playlist Item bypass the Schedule and go to 10 Displays on Tuesday but you could say that this Item will only show up at 10am for 30 minutes on the Displays it has been sent to if you want.