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User Tips and Tricks - Managing User Accounts and Companies

I've had a few requests from our digital signage software Network Operators who want to build their open source display software empire by adding more users to their client Companies, but they can't as that user has already registered in a different Company. We've built a couple of new features into our digital signage display software to take care of just this issue.

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Delete the entire Company - If the user is OK with deleting their entire Company, ask them to log in, and go to the Settings page. On the Settings page, next to their Company name, they will see the option to delete their Company. Once their Company is deleted, you can add them to the appropriate Company.

Delete their user account - If the user wants to keep their Company, since they may have several Presentations or Gadgets in there, they can just delete their user account, and then you can add them to a different Company. Ask them to log in, click on their username in the top right, and click the Delete button. This will delete their account from the Company, and you can add them into the preferred Company. Be sure that you don't remove them if they are the only user who has access to the Company.

Move their entire Company - This is where you would need Rise Vision's assistance. If the user wants to keep their entire Company intact, email with the Company name you want moved under yours, and we can move them over.

If you have multiple Network Operators under your Company, you can move Companies between Network Operators. Go to the Settings page for the Company you want to move, and at the very bottom of the page, check the Change button next to the Operator name, and choose the appropriate Network Operator.

I hope this helps everyone with managing their Companies and users. Any questions, please let us know in the forum!

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