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Our Digital Signage Software Editor

Last week we released the first iteration of our what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) improvement to our editor and from what I can tell from the comments you liked it!

This was step one towards the complete editor make over that we are aiming for. In keeping with our development philosophy we won't disappear for 6 months while we build this, instead we're doing it in small incremental releases, getting feedback, and slowly but surely working towards the end goal.


Next up is copy and paste functionality for both Placeholders and Playlist Items. Something that has been in hot demand on the forum for quite some time. These improvements are currently in QA and will be out within the next few weeks.

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And while Rob and Neal are busily testing this latest release Alex is currently working on improving our transitions, better image scaling, proportional sizing and incorporating backgrounds directly into the settings of every Presentation. Look for that release in early November. And once we have the core functions complete we are then tackling the user interface to bring the floating properties box and tree inspector to you. If all goes according to plan this will ship as our early Christmas present to the community.

If anyone has any questions about these pending releases or any other development efforts we have, or maybe don't have, underway, please don't hesitate to ask here in the comments or on the forum. I'll be sure to address them as best I can in next weeks post. Happy creating!


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