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More Improvements to our Open Source Digital Signage Editor

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I am happy to announce that today we released another iteration of our open source digital signage editor, and there are some pretty obvious changes you'll notice right off the bat. Here is what the top of the page looks like now when you are editing your Presentation:


All the text that was originally at the top far right of your editor has been replaced with icons, and we moved the "Settings" option that used to appear beside the name of your Presentation over there as well. The same functionality is all here, it just looks a bit different. On top of the existing actions (Preview, Save, Copy, Delete, Cancel), we have two new icons that you are just to the right of the Published/Revised state.

These are the Placeholder Copy and Paste buttons. Users can now select a Placeholder, press the Copy button OR Ctrl+C on their keyboard, and then press the Paste button OR Ctrl+V to paste the Placeholder into the same Presentation or a different Presentation. All Playlist items and settings for that Placeholder will be copied into the new instance of that Placeholder.

You can also copy individual Playlist Items as well; just go into your Placeholder, and click the "Add" button next to your Playlist Item, you'll see the Playlist Copy and Paste options at the top of the menu. Very similar to Placeholders, users can copy and paste Playlist items to the same or different Placeholders in the same Presentation, or go into a different Presentation and paste it there:

On top of the Copy/Paste functionality, we also added a Banner URL setting on your Network page, so your banner can be a link to a URL, the same way your logo can.

Let us know what you think of these new features in our forum!

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