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So How Are We Doing?

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It has been a really interesting ride bringing the new Rise Vision platform to market and I thought I would share a few of the stats we use to measure our progress.

We have been averaging about 17% month over month growth in new company registrations and that includes the dip in July which we think was caused by the summer slow down. I know most people would very happy with 17% , but we're actually a little bit crazy and we set the goal at 25% month over month. So although 17% is nothing to sneeze at, it still isn't where we want to be.

So how are we going to hit our goal?

Over the last month or so you may have noticed that we released a Presentation Template library on our web site and we have been trying to add a Template or two to it every couple of weeks. We're hoping that if you see something you like, you preview it, sign up and use it - just like the page says - pick, preview and use - it's free. So far the plan seems to be working.

And to make sure that the Templates and Gadgets we release are relevant and important to the community Rob (aka the Terminator on the right) is mining the community for Gadget and Template needs and wants. If you have ideas (heck you could win the contest!) be sure to let Rob know about it in the forum.

We have also freed up Donna to spend one day per week sharing developer tips and tricks with the community in an effort to provide ideas and inspiration for those that want to take our open source libraries and API's and make their own Gadgets and add on applications.

And the last thing we are considering right now is to create a resource library of hardware, software and services that digital signage companies and users could refer to. As always we're thinking of making this an open arena that anyone can add to with the ability for the community to review, rate and comment on what's there. We wouldn't be endorsing anything, just facilitating. Any thoughts out there on this? Would this be of value to you?

Another really interesting stat for us has been tracking how people are using the platform, especially when we compare it to the predecessor app, the Rise Display Network. Right now the Rise Vision platform is only about 10% of the size of the Rise Display Network, but yet it has over 45% of it's traffic and Users are on average spending 20 minutes more per visit on it's site. This is incredible news for us as we take it to mean that people are engaging with our new application far more than it's predecessor, and the trend is increasing.

In my next post I'll talk more about how we're going to continue to build on this user experience momentum. Till then, happy creating with the Rise Vision platform and remember, if you need anything, have an inspirational thought, or just a question, don't hesitate to jump into the forum.

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