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Digital Signage Template Of The Week - Hospital Template

It’s always important to keep your digital signage looking fresh and up to date. Strong content and design are imperative in creating great digital signage. This is why we just created three new templates, available in the Rise Vision digital signage platform. They are designed for hospitals, but can be tweaked to fit many different needs. The templates are:

Hospital Portrait: This hospital template rotates through different photos of doctors while maintaining the same background. Below the photos, the names, degrees, and backgrounds of the doctors rotate through as well. In the footer of the template, the logo and contact information for the hospital are shown.

Hospital Landscape 1: This hospital template is very similar to the one above. The description is now laid over the images and they both cycle through together. Similar to the above template, the footer contains the logo and contact information for the hospital.


Hospital Landscape 2: This hospital template contains a little more text and information than the above two. It could be a good addition to a waiting room, as a way to provide information about upcoming events.


To use these templates for your digital signage, login to the Rise Vision digital signage platform by clicking Sign In or Sign Up in the top right corner. Once signed in, navigate to the presentations tab, and select one these templates. Add in your content, then enjoy great digital signage.

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