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Digital Signage Presentation Background Layout Templates #2

We have released more terrific Presentation Background Templates that you can use for your Presentations.

You can view these, and all other Presentations on our Gallery page here.

Here are the next ones we have released:



This layout has two zones: one large zone for a multimedia Gadget, and a zone for a scrolling text Gadget

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The layout comes in blue, green, pink, and silver colors.



Like the Simple layout above, but with a darker, gradient background that can help your light-colored text or Gadgets really pop.

The layout comes landscape and portrait, in blue, gray, and green colors.



This is a simple two-zone layout, perfect if you want to give your audience two different feeds, such as Twitter, and RSS.

The images are available in either a flattened JPEG file or layerd Photosshop file. You can access and download them from a link in the Presentation itself.

You can view these, and all other Presentations on our Gallery page here.

If you have any questions or thoughts about backgrounds, head on over to our forum. And, as always, these are created through the Open Source Project.

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